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The "Sisters" Affair

Last Sunday was my good friend's big day and yours truely had been involved in the whole-day event from start til end. Boy! It was tiring and resulted in me being slightly sick today. I woke up several times during the night with a bad throat and thought I was slightly feverish. Turned out I was being paranoid and am feeling a bit better now. Though I knew it was a result from the whole day of activity, I do not regret a single bit, as I recall the "sisters affair", which started first thing in the morning.

Slightly lost now? Fear now for I shall elaborate. You see, in a traditional Singaporean-Chinese wedding, the bride will have a team of "sisters", who will take on the fun task of creating obstacles for the bridegroom before he could see his bride. I was one of her three "jie mei", which literally just means "sister". So the sisters would come up with tedious tasks and forfeits like money in a red packet, or eating horrendous concoctions.

This was my second time being a "jie mei" and so I've got a bit of experience at coming up with tasks to hinder the groom. Though we prepared much more, we got the groom to go down the slide by the playground, to go seek for 4 different food items that were suan (sour), tian (sweet), ku (bitter), la (chili-hot), and then to to eat them all to signify his promise to go through any and everything with the bride. The above was made by moi, to supplement the chili-hot category. The poor groom was tearing by the time he was done with it. I actually felt quite bad, but was slightly comforted by the assurance by the bride that we should not be soft-hearted.

The finale was to compose and sing the bride a lovesong on the spot and we almost got him to eat a sprig of Chinese parsley off her feet. I said "almost" , because the bride changed sides last minute when hit by guilt that her poor hubby was tortured. So she placed the parsley on her fingers instead.

Brushetta ala Chili Padi

- slice of white bread, quartered
- 1 tbsp each of chili sauce, tomato sauce, black pepper sauce, fish curry paste, belachan
- 1 clove garlic, sliced
- 1 chili padi, sliced and seeds retained
- 4 sprigs of coriander
- freshly ground pepper

Mix up all the different sauces in a medium bowl.

Distribute the sliced garlic around evenly on all 4 pieces of bread. Similarly, spread the chili padi around evenly, with the seeds. Cover the garlic and chili padi with the paste concoction and top off with a sprinkle of freshly ground pepper and sprig of garlic.

Serve with evil delight!


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