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Withdrawal Symptoms and best hot chocolate!

My heart is jittery and my hands itch from lack of exercise. Is this the longest I have gone without baking something? Oh, I don't really care because in any case, I am definitely suffering from baking withdrawal symptoms. I NEED to bake, soon!!

Moving onto my next topic - chocolate! Yep, but it's more specific to Barry Callebaut (BC). I had the opportunity to attend the commissioning of BC's spanking new white chocolate line in Singapore yesterday. Stepping into the facility, I was immediately greeted with the scent of chocolate. It was such a comforting smell and I was immediately elevated into a good mood. The highlight of the ceremony was the dotting of the eyes on a 1-ton(!) white chocolate Merlion (a Singapore icon) especially constructed by the guests of honor. And no, just in case you are thinking and hoping, the white chocolate Merlion is inedible because it had additives in it to make it remain solid.

I am so glad I could attend because initially there was concern over insufficient guest room. I confess, I did not want to go because of the dotting of the Merlion, or to listen to the speeches by the guests of honor. But rather, "there would no doubt be chocolate served at a chocolate event , right?" Any yes, I was right! There were white chocolate squares (of course!) that melted very quickly after putting it into the mouth, milk chocolates with a light mousse ganache, dark chocolate encasing white chocolate ganache, pralines, 4 different types of cake (milk chocolate mousse cake, dark chocolate layered cake, milk chocolate layered cake and white chocolate mousse cake), all using BC chocolates. But the winner of the event was hands-down, no doubt, the hot chocolate. It was liquid gold. Served in a tiny espresso cup and saucer, what started as a tiny sip inevitably evolved to bigger sips, with each mouthful of lukewarm, smooth and rich chocolate coating the inside of my mouth, slipping down my throat and left me hungering for more. It took an immense effort on my part to stop at 2 cups but I really think I could go on forever. For one, I can really drink - soups, alchohol, water, diet coke, etc. but even I amaze myself how much liquid I can down. But really, I cannot stress enough how wonderful the hot chocolate was. It was of the right viscosity, right thickness, right sweetness and right amount (per cup). Definitely the best hot chocolate ever found in Singapore!


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