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Virgin Entry to EomEoTE

Yippee! This entry marks my first submission to Jeanne's End-of-month Egg on Toast Extravaganza, albeit a weak attempt :P

What you see is really a microwaved poached egg with a drizzle of light soy sauce, plopped over a thick piece of wholemeal bread, just lightly toasted. The key points are "thick" and "lightly" because then, you have the perfect vehicle to capture all the runny yolk, which doubles up as the most delicious spread over the otherwise-bland piece of toast. There you have it, another way to enjoy an everyday and undercelebrated ingredient, the egg!


Lisa said…
oh oh did you slurp the egg yolk...look succulent to me. my dad taught me to do that when i was little and happily slurping away with trces of yellowy-eggy around my lips. i find that intriguing, but stop the whole process when i grew up...still ocassionally doing it to bring out the essence of my egg humour(LOL). oh i'm from KL.
galinusa said…
You bet! I live for runny yolks :P

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