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Review of Olivio Gelato

I had totally forgotten about the existence of Olivio Gelato until I was in the area last Saturday and this girl was walking past with a green cup. Oooh, I need myself some cold relief too, as it was a hot, hot, morning. Leaving my mom in the queue for banking services, I zipped through the crowd straight to Olivio.

The selection was rather pathetic, several of the metal bins were empty still! Whatever was there looked suspiciously like another chain's. So I tried to pick the most unique one to Olivio. Strawberry gelato waved at me, with a stick that stated "No sugar added". That sounded healthy enough and I was sold. Alas, the gelato was frozen hard and the skinny server don't seem to be able to push back the gelato into the cup. So if you see the next picture, there was obviously a huge cavity left unfilled! I felt a tad jeeped but oh well.

The taste was alright. It was sweetened with fructose (isn't that still a type of sugar??) but was not overly sweet. The gelato was surprisingly smooth for a fruit-based one and had bits of strawberry jam. Olivio will do when I crave gelato while in that area. Else, I'll probably go to the cafe nearby that has novelty flavoured homemade icecream.


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