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Gâteau de Chocolat café et rum

We had a games night after cell group yesterday. The first couple hours of solemness quickly shifted to a few more comprising of fellowship over dinner and then whacky and brainless fun as we played some cheapass games that Cheryl bought, namely the "Big Idea" and the "Unexploded Cow". Both were much easier to catch on compared to "Munchkins" and we all had a good belly workout as we roared with laughter as we strategized and ganged up on some players. It was really a fun night!

For dessert, I brought a chocolate mocha rum cake, adapted from a recipe by Tamasin Day-Lewis. The smell of rum permeated through the room although the cake was under covers. Dense as it might seem, the cake was surprisingly light and moist. The use of ground almond added a slightly mealy texture so the cake did not feel like lead in my stomach. I used my fine 70% Valrhona chocolate and the sweetness was just right. My only gripe, if I really have to find out, was that I was not …

Chai Kee Fish Soup

Yesterday turned out to be a really relaxing day as I took the day off to cater all my various appointments. Midday came and I found myself with a couple hours to kill and so I wandered the vicinity of Chinatown.

Lunch was a simple affair of Teochew-style fish soup bee hoon at Hong Lim Food Complex. I have past by the food center a few times, noticing the fish soup stalls tend to be quite busy. There were 3 stalls selling the dish but really, the crowd dominated at only 2. I love fish soup noodles as it is light and healthy. Luckily for me, I need not make a difficult choice between the two as one of them had the day off. So it was down to "Chai Kee".

For a mininum order of S$4, you get a piping hot bowl of fish soup served in a jiffy.

The soup was delicious in an unusual way. I suspect the broth was made from a combination of pork and dried fish when the usual way is just using really good amounts of dried fish. But what was rather disturbing was the bits of things that looke…

Dine & Dish #4 - I am better than Rachel Ray!

I have to admit, I have not watched Rachel Ray in action on "$40 a day" before, but I do understand the concept behind it and I really have to give it to Becks and Posh for thinking of such a unique theme for the Dine & Dish #4 event.

US$40 translates roughly to about S$66. Food is cheap and good and varied in Singapore so even as I start my day with just $66 tucked in my wallet, I eagerly wonder what I will end up eating for the day.

Luckily for me, Ya Kun had just opened a branch at my work place so breakfast was not a problem. I got a traditional breakfast of softboiled eggs, best eaten with soy sauce and white pepper, accompanied by char-grilled toast spread with butter and topped off with a sprinkling of coarse sugar and all washed down by a cup of strong, local coffee sweetened with condensed milk, all for merely S$3.60! I had forgotten to take a picture (yeah I am a terrible flogger!) so I had to lift one off their website.

Near lunchtime, I was craving some Japanes…

Going Nuts at Bakerzin

Last Friday, after watching a candy, or more specifically, chocolate-laden movie - "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", I was very in the mood for some sweets myself. Somehow, pretty French cakes called out to me but alas, Canele was a bit out of the way then. But luckily, there was a Bakerzin in sight.

Just a bit of background (which I admit I took off its website), Bakerzin used to be called "Baker's Inn". Its founder is very much influenced by the French culinary culture, as one can tell from the tantelizing spread on the cake counter but apart from quality French cakes, there are also pastries and bread plus some food like sandwiches, salad, etc, for the slightly more hungry folks.

Before that night, I've been to Bakerzin only once and had their classic and famous warm chocolate cake (not bad) and a Coeur Noir (layers of dark chocolate mousse and sacher sponge, with brandy cherries and hazelnut dacquoise at the base).

That night, the usual made-to-order de…

Does My Blog Look Good In This?

It's the time of the month again where foodbloggers of the world compete to win the most delicious shot of the month. Hosted by Andrew from, his blog is also a regular read for me. The competition is tough; I am glad I am not a judge. Check out the entries; You'll agree with me.

Real Food sure, but not daily

I had the chance to lunch at Real Food Daily (RFD), this fairly new, self-claimed to be at least "80%-organic" deli/cafe last week. The venue was great as it was located along a trendy night zone. It also had a homey and welcoming fronting but I had to look up at the signboard to make sure I was at the right place.

The menu was extensive and all hand-written on a large chalk board and categorized mainly into - salads, appetizers, lunch/dinner and daily specials. Off the salad menu, I ordered the "Fins - seared tuna with green beans, eggplant, red peppers and rosemary vinegrette, served with bread" (S$21.95).

My companions ordered equally intriguing dishes such as "Greens - organic spinach with avocado, orange and mushrooms with maple vinegrette" (S$16.75) and "Tahini soba - soba noodles with tahini dressing and golden tofu" (S$17.75).

Service was attentive and we were served lemon-scented ice water very quickly and those were constantly refilled th…

SHF#11 - Double Layer Chocolate Cake

I cannot help but want to participate in Sugar High Fridays. It is the baker-wannabe in me to pounce on every opportunity to get my hands dirty with flour, eggs and sugar.

Now into the 11th edition, the must-have ingredient is coffee, as chosen by host Ronald of Love Sicily. But I was so busy for the past week I had to abandon my initial choice of the Opera and made the Double Chocolate Layer Cake instead. I had printed and kept that recipe for ages and long forgotten about it until I read about it again, on Lex Culinaria.
As the recipe calls for more than a cup of coffee so I thought I may just as well use it to make the cake and bring the tempting and deliciously-sinful-looking cake to my lucky bunch of college friends this evening. But the frosting recipe that came along with it sounded extremely rich so I chose to use this instead.

Keeping in mind the preference of most Singaporeans, I reduced the sugar by 1/2 a cup. From experience, Singaporeans tend to scrape off most of the frost…

The Canteen Part 2

Yep, we went back to The Canteen again last Thursday. J could not let the promotion pass so we tried our luck and managed to get a seat in the deli area.

This time around, I ordered the Crispy Norwegian Salmon ($19) , a pan-fried fillet served with shellfish essence and J, the duck confit (S$22), a duck thigh cooked slowly in its natural fat and served with fries. We also got the local special - Philip's Hokkien Mee (S$16), which claimed to be an all time favourite, essentially a braised thick egg noodles served with prawns, scallop & squid and accompanied with calamansi & chili paste.

I could obviously tell which is a more expensive fish; the salmon was about 1.5 times thicker than the cod I had previously and seared just on the outside, leaving the insides pink and raw. But in this case, it was too raw. Imagine only about 2mm per side of salmon was cooked, out of a 30mm piece of fish. But what was panfried was well-seasoned and crispy.
J complained the duck leg was re…

Ramen Ramen

I had a craving for some ramen last Friday so I finally got to try Ramen Ramen, which was featured heavily just earlier this year because the owner was an engineer turned ramen cook. Ramen Ramen boasts fresh home-made noodles, and a specially-concocted soup base made from a rich Tonkotsu (pork broth) soup that takes up to 20 hours to brew. Reading other online reviews warned me not to venture beyond ramen.

I had the miso veggie ramen and it arrived in a large white bowl, piping hot, with two pieces of seaweed. First look, there was a decent amount of vegetables comprising of cabbage, carrots, snow peas and corn. But I also thought my miso ramen looked suspiciously thick and white, not how I recognise a miso-based soup, so I questioned the server. As I had suspected, the soup base was not simply miso but rather, miso added into the tonkotsu soup. Sigh... if I had wanted tonkotsu, I would have asked for tonkotsu veggie ramen. Anyway, the noodles were the straight kind and just al dente e…

Prima Deli - Only if you really need a cake

It was also my cousin's 21st birthday last Sunday and he ordered a x-large birthday cake from Prima Deli, a chain bakery. I must say, while the cake looked perfect, it was perfectly symmetrical and up to a point whereby it looked just artificially perfect. I for one, prefers a original, rustic type of look. Cutting it up, the cake was just as I expected- too much cream. It was a coffee-walnut layer cake, all coated with a layer of ganache. Unfortunately, the cake did not taste too good. A couple of bites and my entire mouth had a sickly and oily coating. Bleh! Give me some time and I'll bake a better cake anyday.

Happy Birthday Grandma!

The weekend came and past with lots of good eats and joyous occasions. There's more to come but I'll start updating with my grandma's birthday celebration. My dear old grandma will be celebrating her 70-something birthday this coming Wednesday but we decided to celebrate in advance last Sunday since it's easier to gather most of us during the weekend.

J and I went over to Grandma's after church. That day was the first day he met my maternal side of the family too. At that gathering, I was reminded just how strongly my mother resembles my grandma and in turn, me after my mom. There are obvious common traits that all 3 of us share. We seem to like fussing over people, taking care of their needs first and not really bothered with our own, making sure others are comfortable. Sometimes I think it can be a bit suffocating for the rest of the people, which was why the entire family did not let Grandma know we were coming over, else Grandma will cook up a storm! So each o…

The "Grown-up" Canteen

I chanced upon the announcement a week ago, that in celebration of its 4th anniversary, The Canteen was offering 50% off their a la carte menu. Part of the Les Amis group, The Canteen is indeed one on the lower-tier and less formal than the rest. But do not immediately think " tuckshop style" or even the "self-serve" cafeteria style because The Canteen is nothing like that. Since Les Amis does have a certain reputation for good food and dining experience and since I have been longing to try another new place, I did not hesitate to make a reservation for J and myself. Reservations must have been going like hotcakes because I was reminded twice that they would need the table back by 8pm. We do have the bad habit of not taking enough time to enjoy each bite of food so I don't see the timing to be an issue even for our 6:45pm reservation.

On that fateful evening, we were even slightly later and got there slightly past 7pm. The restuarant was half empty. We learnt th…

EomEoTE # 9 - Harry Potter and the Goblet of "Fire"

Harry Potter was bored in his room one day and decided "Heck! England is too boring for me now!" So closing his eyes, he decided to head to wherever his fingers landed on his map. Peering through his fingers, he got excited when he saw he was to go to the foreign land of Mexico. With his trusty Thunderbolt, he was there in no time.
Harry was fascinated with his new surroundings and wondered around until he lost track of time. Only when his stomach started to grumble, he knew it was time for supper. He had to find some food to re-energise himself so he could continue his adventure. In the busy street filled with many various food stalls, Harry did not know how and where to start. Suddenly, at the corner of his eye, he spied something being flipped in the air. It was an old weather-beaten lady flipping a pancake. "Hmm, wasn't that Rick Bayless guy introducing some Mexican pancake thing a few days ago on Food Network?" Well, curiousity got the better of Harry and h…

IMBB #17- (not so) tasteTea: Rosehip and Hibiscus Tea Cupcake

I so wanted to make the Japanese green tea sponge cake with a light whipped cream filling with red beans when I saw the theme. It was a dessert I enjoyed at the Sun Moulin cafe in Singapore but I could not find powdered macha in time. Sorely disappointed at myself for my last minute preparation, I was literally tearing my hair out trying to think of something sweet to make for this event. Seeing the abandoned pack of rosehip and hibiscus tea (this was a mistake buy - the tea turned out very sour and none of us liked it but could not bear to throw it out), I decided to make use of it, to see whether it could redeem itself.Since my brother's classmates were in the house studying, I thought of making cupcakes as a treat. Since they were individually sized, it would also be convenient to eat. Using the vanilla cupcake recipe I had success with before, I adapted it somewhat, to accomodate the theme. I substituted 1/4 cup of milk required with a concentrate made from 2 of the teabags, a…