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EomEoTE # 9 - Harry Potter and the Goblet of "Fire"

Harry Potter was bored in his room one day and decided "Heck! England is too boring for me now!" So closing his eyes, he decided to head to wherever his fingers landed on his map. Peering through his fingers, he got excited when he saw he was to go to the foreign land of Mexico. With his trusty Thunderbolt, he was there in no time.

Harry was fascinated with his new surroundings and wondered around until he lost track of time. Only when his stomach started to grumble, he knew it was time for supper. He had to find some food to re-energise himself so he could continue his adventure. In the busy street filled with many various food stalls, Harry did not know how and where to start. Suddenly, at the corner of his eye, he spied something being flipped in the air. It was an old weather-beaten lady flipping a pancake. "Hmm, wasn't that Rick Bayless guy introducing some Mexican pancake thing a few days ago on Food Network?" Well, curiousity got the better of Harry and he went over and made his order for "One tor-ti-la please"

The old lady chuckled at the sight of a "white" boy with a weird accent but went ahead to make his order. She laid a piece of freshly made and soft flour tortilla onto a plate and scooped up some precooked mixture of scrambled eggs and vegetables. There were pretty speckles of red in the mixture and the whole thing was topped off with a creamy green paste (guacamole) and chopped tomatoes (fiesty salsa). It looked so appetizing, or rather, a very hungry Harry took a huge bite of it. Oops! Harry was not used to the fiery from chili peppers so he had to look quickly for something to quench his burning tongue. The old lady, who seemed to have been preparing for it, handed Harry a globet of milk to quench his fire. Relieved and looking rather sheepishly, Harry returned the empty goblet and his tortilla meal to the lady, hopped onto his broomstick and vowed never to return until he was sure the old lady could not remember him anymore.

* how embarrassing - Thanks to Gavin I corrected my spelling of goblet*


Jeanne said…
Great post! So Mexico is not so much the land of milk and honey as the land of milk and "fire"! :P Poor Harry - should have used his invisibility cloak to sneak off and hide his embarrassment!

Thanks for playing along...
Gavin said…

it's "goblet" isn't it?
Jeanne said…
Don't die of shock now, but the round-up has been posted!!

Thanks again for joining in...
Anonymous said…


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