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Uzumaki Wasabi Soft Serve

After reading an article from Straits Times a couple weeks ago on this new Japanese soft serve ice cream, Uzumaki (meaning "swirl") located at the basement of Bugis Junction, I could not wait to give it a try and finally I did!

While trying to find the place, I actually walked past the green make-shift stand at first. Anyhow, I managed to find it - it is right across Corochan, and got myself a wasabi soft serve in a waffle cone.

There was a promotion going on for wasabi flavor (u.p. $3.50, now $2.80) but really, I chose that because I was intrigued by the sound of "wasabi ice cream". Besides the waffle cone, you can get your ice cream in a cup or a regular cupboard-like cone.

As with most Japanese products, the way the icecream was served was rather interesting. The server will take a cup of ice cream of your choice, peel off a sticker at the bottom to reveal a hole, place it in this contraption and press down to squeeze the icecream out of the hole at the bottom, into the vessel of your choice and creating a swirl at the same time.

I must admit the artificial green hue was slightly disturbing initially but once I got past that and tasted the ice cream, I thought it was really was good! It was surprisingly sinus-clearing (I did not think I can still attain a "kick" out of the wasabi in icecream) and the cone was also a rather creative and localised take on our Chinese New Year love letters, very crispy and slightly flaky (in a good way).

This made a good post-lunch dessert though I was definitely stuffed in the midst of eating it. But it was quite good to let it go to waste so I still ate it all up, albeit too slowly. A really unique offering and I recommend it as a definitely must-try for all icecream and wasabi lovers!


the baker said…
hahaa i've walked past it many many times but never got down to actually eating it! i'm terrified of wasabi... but i love mustard though. if there's a mustard ice-cream I think i'd actually eat it! but seriously, is the wasabi one that good? if yes then i have to try it soon...
galinusa said…
hi the baker,

it's really quite good. i'm hesitant to recommend it to u cuz u don't seem to like wasabi. haha, get a friend to buy the wasabi flavor while u get a fail-save flavor then try it! :P
girl said…
I've been wanting to try black sesame and red bean.. but it's always sold out though! Think i'll try the wasabi one next time. (:
andrew said…
I tried the green tea ice cream at Lot 1. Taste very plastiky - very bland. Too much fluff and no substance.

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