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Chocolate Chip Scones

Chocolate Chip Scone
Originally uploaded by Skinny Epicurean. I had some leftover cream from the cheesecakes yesterday so I decided to make scones for breakfast this morning. Somehow, I decided on a chocolate chip variation and trusty google came up with loads of recipes to choose from. hahah, but the first one on the hit list was from and I know and use that site very often so I did not bother to browse the rest of the results.

The recipe is sooo simple and just right for this hasty morning baking episode. I halved it and substituted cream for the buttermilk. It could be a bit indulgent but heck it, I do not eat it daily or anything. I also brushed the top with milk and skipped the last stage of broiling.

But the results were not compromised at all. I ended with 4 wonderful wedges of chocolate chip cones, quite rich with a very soft and moist crumb texture. The chocolate chip to dough ratio was also just perfect such that each bite yielded enough of a chocolate flavour.…

Tale of 2 Cheesecakes

I baked a couple of cheesecakes for tomorrow using Jamie Oliver's NY Cheesecake recipe as the base case. The lack of height from the cheesecake was kinda expected though I was hoping I would be wrong. Another half to an inch of extra cheesiness would have been base-to-cream ratio perfect. Alas, no one to blame but me, as I did not have enough cream cheese called for in the recipe. Also key to note that I baked the recipe in two 8" round pans instead of a 12" one too but I believe if I had followed the recipe through, the results would have been different. Oh well, next time will be better!

Anyway, I mentioned that the original recipe is only a base case because, though you cannot tell, grandma's cake has got cooked-down strawberry stirred within. Yes, the cake is meant for my maternal grandma, who is celebrating her 76th birthday this weekend. Hence the piping of the word "shou" for longevity.

The one below is for a dear friend who is going away to Japan to t…

Light Strawberry Mousseline

Light Strawberry Mousseline
Originally uploaded by Skinny Epicurean. All 3 of us were feeling the effect of mid-PM sluggishness and decided to go for tea break. After a long debate, we ended up at TCC where I decided to forgo caffeine and try their new desserts.

This is the "Light Strawberry Mousseline" and apparently endorsed by the Health Promotion Board to be a healthy choice. The plating was nice, and sadly, the next best thing on the plate were the blueberries and raspberries; both were surprisingly sweet! The strawberries were slightly green and I could only eat the lower halves. The mousse itself was not as light as the name made it out to be. I felt slightly sick in my stomach at several points during the entire course of eating because it became too "buttery" and very "jelat", for lack of a better description. But the frugal me refused to waste food so I ate it all but slowly. Not a repeat order and I hesitate to try the other new desserts. Admi…

Kuriya's Healthy Diet Soba

Kuriya Healthy Diet
Originally uploaded by Skinny Epicurean. I went to the new Kuriya Restaurant at the basement of Raffles City for lunch today. Some points noted: food is generally pricier than most chain-Japanese stores and the lunch menu is pretty limited though ala carte is available all day.

From the extensive menu, I narrowed down to soba since they are apparently made in house. From the many options, the "Healthy Diet" attracted my attention because of natto, which is something I have heard good things, yet not tried it myself.

Something unique about Kuriya is their portion-size options. The soba comes in 3 sizes: mini for S$10.80, regular for S$15.80, and for the ravenous, you can also go for a large order by topping another S$3.

Not wanting to waste food, I originally wanted to get the mini portion but was told the portion was only "1 or 2 bites" big. Okaaay, I do not really believe that but I was hungry enough to take a bet so I went with the reg…

Veggie Wedge Wrapp from Mix

Veggie Wedge from Mix
Originally uploaded by Skinny Epicurean. This is not a really complimenting picture but it is a veggie wedge wrap from Mix, a new health joint newly opened at the basement of Raffles City. The entire basement has been revamped but I shan't digress here.

At first glance, I thought Mix looked familiar and recognised it from my trip to Hong Kong. The open concept is such that the food are laid out, you pick and pay. There are wraps which are pre-made daily and sit in a refrigerated counter, as well as whole wheat pastries and empanadas (sort of like curry puff with different fillings). In addition to the food, there are loads of healthy fruit juices and smoothies available. Unique thing about Mix is that caloric information is available for most products.

The wraps are apparently all soy-based and some of them are dyed a funky and bright red and green. I have to admit, the artifical coloring is what caught my attention. Anyway, I ordered the vegetarian veggie wed…

Nigella's Chocolate Chestnut Cake

I have been neglecting this blog for a while and I do apologise. I have not been away from the kitchen though; I was baking up a frenzy last weekend to raise funds for my missions trip to Cambodia. With that fundraising out of the way, I had a breather before making this cake earlier this morning. My mother has commissioned me to make her friend a birthday cake and this cake seems perfect because it is not too sweet, entirely flourless and just sounds delicious! Okay, cutting the chase, the above cake is a Chocolate Chestnut Cake, made exactly according to Nigella's recipe from her book "How to be a Domestic Goddess".

I had earlier made Alice Medrich's version of this cake and as a result, still had tons of pureed chestnut leftover. Other than the tedious and rather daunting task of separating eggs and whipping up the whites, the recipe was a breeze. However, the recipe filled up more than an 8" round pan; in fact, I filled up another 3 mini silicon molds and 1 m…