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Braised Vietnamese River Eel

This blog seldom sees a savoury post and that is merely because I am not very good or interested in Asian cuisine. (no offense out there). If I felt like cooking, I would steer towards the western palate but then it is no fun because my cheena family members generally do not appreciate.

But get over the shock as I am presenting you with a very savory dish today. Yay! This was an impromtu buy-and-cook thing as it was really by sheer chance, I saw this pack of river eel at Carrefour, saw its $1 tag and figured I had little to lose if they turned out inedible.

I first tried the Vietnamese braised eel as a student in California, or the other location with the largest population of Vietnamese outside of Vietnam. Generally, they were cooked in little claypots, and presented as is. The chunks of fatty eel braised down to a state any grandma/pa would be grateful and always, always, had a tasty, sticky-caramelly and saltish sauce that goes best with steamed rice. It was a meal by itself a…

Indulgence 2 ways - Godiva Chocolate Cake & Buffet at Noble House

Godiva Choc cake
Originally uploaded by Skinny Epicurean. Back to back indulgence starting from last night but it's all good as it is not only my mom's but also my brother's birthday! Yes, it is quite rare but they happen to share the same birthday. Good for me; I just need to get 1 cake :)

Knowing we would stuff ourselves silly over the birthday lunch at Noble House, we decided we had to split up the cake session and the buffet, so we can really have our cake and eat it too!

Therefore we had the obligatory cake-cutting yesterday evening and had a sweet supper of Godiva Chocolate Indulgent. The cake recipe is available from Godiva's website and my first attempt. But it was a breeze to make and did not require too much effort and this was an important factor because I did not have too much time. I took on the suggestion to use a dark chocolate ganache for the finish and with the remainder, I dipped fresh strawberries for decorating. However, the cake still looked l…

I make me a sandwich, an Omelette & Cheese Sandwich!

This is my entry for Slashfood's Sandwich Day since it has been quite a while since I joined any blogger's theme event. This is an easy one - just omelette, cheese and tomato slapped between two toasted slices of multigrain bread. I cannot remembe for sure but I believe this was made for a quick supper sometime last week, so simple, yet satisfying.

That's why I always say a sandwich is a really amazing invention! They are versatile and every so yielding to my every need or craving. Depending on my mood or the weather, I find myself longing for a sandwich of a specific sort. Typically, on a cold dreary day, I yearn for a hot and melty toastie, even better if I had them with some thick, creamy soup. On a hot summery day, nothing beats a sandwich filled with loads of cold, crispy lettuce, thick slices of tomato, aged cheese and whatever is available cold. Sandwiches are not only limitied to savoury combinations because if I feel like something sweet, I simply slather on Nutel…

Fabulous lunch at ..........

I did get one of the set lunches as recommended to be value for money but we had to check out the other items on the a la carte menu. Inevitably, we oooh'd and aaah'd over the very interesting and unique-sounding items. But alas, the premium pricing meant I could only limit myself to the set lunch on my current payscale. Maybe one day.

For now, I ordered the sashimimoriwase set (S$28). Wow! The first thing I noticed was the glistering array of seafood arranged rather beautifully making it look rather picturesque, don't you think?

The platter was composed of many vibrant colors. The veggies gave off green from the mound of freshly grated wasabi(that truly delivered)and peasprouts, purple from the cute and curly herb, yellow from the slice of lemon, silver from the slivers of lemon grass and white from the coarsely-julienned andcrunchy daikon strips. The sashimi themselves contributed different shades of red - pinkish tako, giant peachy ebi, a slightly bordering maroon maguro …

Wild Rocket

I agree with DSD that there is no better way to end a work week and welcome the weekend other than chilling out over a good dinner. My Friday evening was just that. I met the regular Berkeley gang for dinner at Wild Rocket. Prior to dinner, I was really excited because I have not tried this much blogged about restaurant yet.

The menu had a few tempting items, more than what I can stomach by myself, so I was glad to have managed to persuade my friend sitting next to me to order a few things to share.

The deep fried cod cakes (S$12.50) was what I ordered as it had been calling out to me since I arrived and an order was being served to the table next to us. The perfume of deep fried food tickled my nose and got my stomach juices going.

I was slightly disappointed as I found it disturbing that they tasted much like a variation of Thai fishcakes or even a high-class cod version of the otah. To be fair, perhaps I had inevitably made a menta comparision between these cod cakes to crab cakes, th…

The Perfect Brownie

Deep Dish Brownies
Originally uploaded by Skinny Epicurean. I think everyone has their own opinion of a perfect brownie. The same goes for me. Mine would possess a strong chocolatey flavour that hits the nose first, followed by a bite that tastes borderline like cake and fudge, leaving the mind to wonder for just that wee second before you mentally wave the thought aside, studded with some chocolate chips and walnuts for that bit of crunch and jaw-work and overall, sweet yet not overly. Sounds like the unattainable huh? To be honest, I have not really made anything like that, yet.

Though somewhat a rarity, I was craving for brownies this morning and not wanting to settle for anything store bought, I made my own. The recipe was ripped off the 'net a while ago and got promising reviews.

To cut the long story short, it was really not bad for a cocoa-based brownie. It passed the chocolate flavor and not too sweet tests. But my only grouse was that it turned out still just a b…

Refreshing Indinine

Indinine - Portabello Mushroom Burger
Originally uploaded by Skinny Epicurean. I always felt that Singapore has played up its diversity in many ways, including food. But for vegetarian fare, one will most likely find the oriental interpretation, one that relies heavily on gluten to make mock meats of all sorts and deep frying seems like the most prefered cooking method. Not surprising, oriental vegetarian food is not really the most healthy - think all the oil, heavy doses of MSG and artificial flavorings. In any case, I find it difficult to comprehend why a vegetarian would want to eat "fake" meat in the first place, but I shall not debate that here, in a food blog, although I may one day talk about it in my other (non)food blog.

But because Singapore is also a very dynamic place and things evolves whether you like it or not, the same phenomenon goes for food. If you just mentally recall the various transitions the food scene went through the last couple of years, you know, …