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Sushi Yoshida - this time, for chiraishi

I could not block the pictures of a recent lunch that NinjaHK indulged at Sushi Yoshida so when the girlfriend agreed to meet up for a good and long lunch in view of Christmas (hey, this jolly well qualifies as a justification okay?), I managed to convince her to switch from another Japanese joint she had in mind, over to Yoshida's.

I wanted to try something different this time and decided on the chiraishi set since the girlfriend was going for the sushi set. As before, we started with a chilled soft-boiled tamago, which had too-firm-a-yolk for my liking this time, that gathered flavours from the bit of wasabi, scattering of nori and an appetizing yuzu-scented soy sauce broth. I was hungry and this only got my appetite raring to go.

When the mains arrived, you should have seen our eyes lighted up as we saw the lucious array of seafood being brought before ourselves. The girlfriend was delighted with her sushi, citing the unagi and negitoro maki as her favorites.

For myself, out of the entire box of fresh seafood, I did not really care for the herring roe but it was a matter of personal preference more than it was nasty or bad. It was just way too salty! The other one being the surimi kani; I could do without fake crab, really. But all others, I savoured each bite and it would simply be too difficult to nominate a favourite.

The chiraishi had a bed of flavoured sushi rice that was unusual in that it was offwhite but tasted gratifying and not excessively sourish or sweet. That helped set a strong foundation for the chiraishi. Bits of seasoned shiitake mushrooms, pickled radish and nori were scattered over the rice to add flavours. After all the seafood had been consumed, a bit of gari (pickled ginger) saw me greedily polish off the remaining mounds of rice. It was simply too good to go to waste.

I warned the girlfriend to keep silent on this lunch venue but I realise I am now telling the whole world. Hahaha.

Just a sidenote: Yoshida-san was there but was standing outside rather than working wonders in the kitchen. Dang!


Chubbypanda said…
I love chirashi. It's one of my standard orders in a new sushi bar.

- Chubbypanda

looks like u had a great meal.

saw the video on blog tv and you looked alright. :)

Merry Christmas! May the Lord be with you as you live for Him..
superfinefeline said…
This looks like a darn good meal! I have to try this place soon! :)
Mia said…
chubbypanda: i love chiraishi, a good one like this one, can really whet your appetite!

lavender: thanks for the nice comments.

superfine: you know you are about to :)

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