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Shin Kushiya

Shin Kushiya
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The past few days saw me eating nothing really exciting. In fact, food was ingested with not much enthusiasm if not only to fill the tummy and stop the rumbling.

But a cinema stop at Vivocity over the last weekend saw me eating at my first kushiya. For the uninitiated, this place specialises in "kushi (串)" or skewers used in Japanese cuisine to hold pierce and hold food for grilling and frying, such as yakitori.

Skipping straight onto the kushi items, both of Shin Kushiya's special onigiris (one eel $3.80, one chicken $3.40) and a few assorted skewers ($2.20 - $3.80) were ordered to share. Just in case the stomachs complain of hunger still, we ordered the tuna and swordfish sushi roll ($11.80) at the very last minute.

So, to jump to conclusion, I did not think highly of this place. For starters, the grilled food arrived rather quickly so I suspect they were mostly precooked for a bit first to cut cooking time. Secondly, while I do not claim to be an expert, I don't think all Japanese grilled food should be doused with generic bottled teriyaki sauce. The said sweet sauce was on everything and I could taste nothing but that.

Interestingly, 3 different flavoured salts (green tea, chili and sour plum) were provided to salt the skewers which were "intentionally undersalted". But those were merely eye candy, as we left untouched after deeming them to be redundant because the flavor of the salt would be masked by the excessive teriyaki sauce and make the food even more saltish.

Thirdly and my uttermost peeve, Shin Kushiya serves this really substandard soysauce that was weirdly oversalty! I was taken aback by the extreme saltishness when I ate into the sushi roll that had just a little corner smeared with the soysauce. Yucks! It was funny how we had difficulty finishing the 3 remaining pieces, debating for a while whether to dip or not, to eat it bland or otherwise.

The other girlfriend wanted to play safe and ordered their salmon ikura don ($16.80). She complained the rice was dry and was actually scrapping off the excess teriyaki sauce to pair with her rice. Hahaha, so ironic that the dreaded sauce did come in useful or a good example of how one girlfriend's trash is another girlfriend's treasure.

I am not recommending this place for the food since it is not that cheap for the quality you get. But having said that, Shin Kushiya offers a nice habor view and has plenty of seats. It will make a good choice if you need Jap food fast, in the ever-crowded Vivocity on a weekend.


Cavalock said…
If u r looking for good yakitori, have u tried Nanbantei at Far East Plaza? Best in town. Was better years ago but still pretty damn good. Their obento set lunch at about $14 is worth every cent.
Roc said…
Actually I just went to Shin Kushiya over the weekend. I must say that their grilled skewers are actually quite impressive. Hmm... maybe it's becos I just dig grilled stuff. hehe. Anyhow, I ordered some items that were seasoned with salt rather than the yakitori sauce, what stuck in my mind was the grilled golden mushrooms with pork and the grilled salmon belly. YumsToDeath! While I also have been to Nanbantei, I find that place too smelly and the prices steep compared to Shin Kushiya.
SparkZ said…
I kinda agree with roc, the grills at Shin Kushiya were not bad at all. In fact, my visits there had been consistently great. The kushiyaki were well done, not too chao tah and tasted tender. I enjoyed their black pepper yakitori and salmon belly kushiyaki & many others. Together with the grills was the tosei inaniwa udon (silky thin cold udon with chilled ducked slices). The noodles tasted great with the duck broth sauce dip ;) Service by the waitress was tip-top, having my refills for green tea frequently. well, maybe i was there when it wasn't too crowded.

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