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Sushi Yoshida Alert!

Sushi Yoshida has increased their prices. The chiraishi zushi lunch set is now $38 compared to $28 a few months ago. Honestly, the >30% price increase came as a shocker.

The scattered ricebox today had - tako, ebi, tamago, crab surimi, chutoro, maguro, shimesaba, ikura, hotate, kanpachi and tai. The quality and quantity were still there, no doubt, but I do find it difficult to swallow (pun intended) such an expensive lunch.

So sad to say, I really doubt I will be paying this joint a visit out of my own pocket anytime in the future. But luckily I have a couple of fall-backs that would also hit the spot for my constant Jap cravings. In any case, it can be quite depressing to lose a lunch spot. Sigh!


MamaBoK said…
Wow..! 10 bucks increased.. that's steep..!
Greg said…
i'm so sad to hear the news!!! :( guess only special occasions will warrant this place. Gonna miss all those yuzu-infused dishes.

Wat other places would u suggest for similar quality but affordable lunch sets? thx!

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