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Sage - Tuna
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A few of us from work will each be taking turns to take longer periods of leave, starting from next week on. That means we would not be able to see each other all together for a while and hence, our excuse to hold a "pre-departure" gathering/dinner session before it happens. Thinking out loud, that dinner would be my first time with them despite being introduced for such a long time already. Okay, I am so not anti-social.

Anyway, I brought the babes to Sage, where we had a chill time. If only we did not have to work the next day, and if someone had remember to bring the bottle of wine! Ah, oh well.

The amuse bouche of chilled creamy pea soup was really good - what tasted like almost 100% pure pea puree bordered between being slightly sweet, slightly savory, but all in a delicious complementary manner. That certainly set an expectation to the rest of dinner.

The tuna first course (pictured) fortunately continued scaling the curve. Suitably executed, different components of the dish combined surprisingly well. There was a generous timbale of tuna cuboids, tossed with a creamy concoction, but still tasted anything but heavy. Mushy olive tapenade lend its briney slant and I could have eaten a couple more of the parmegiano cheese crisps.

The tiger prawn and basil pasta looked good and once again, quite generous with the portion. The prawns was fresh, cooked just right, and kudos to the homemade capellini that looked and tasted somewhat like ramen albeit with less "Q". Alas, a heavy-hand on the salt in the basil sauce spoilt the dish. Sure, taking gulps of water in between bites of noodles helped somewhat, but inevitably made all of us bloated like whales. I was greedy and managed to finish my pasta. But the other dainty babes could not bring themselves to do likewise.

[Actually, I requested for Chef to prepare a different pasta - anything but prawns and pasta because this combination from Sage is anything but new. But surprisingly, the first response of "no" was something I was rather taken aback and fedback my surprise at the inflexibility. It was only after that feedback that the kitchen suggested doing a pasta with mushroom thing. Honestly at that point, I was just too disturbed to entertain Chef and the kitchen so I rejected it and stuck with the original offering on the menu.]

Dessert was baked apple. It was the first time I saw such an interpretation of - a whole granny smith baked in the filo pastry - and I thought it was pretty neat. It was good on the whole, but personal preference meant I did not really care for the caramel sauce as it just made the dessert overly sweet. I thought the sugar from the marscarpone ice cream was good enough.

As usual, the hospitality from Kimberly and her floor staff was better than good. Despite the little hiccup with the pasta, I still recommend this little restaurant for consistent, good food and a relaxing atmosphere. Not to mention, the set dinners are reasonably priced and no skimping on the portions! The 3-course dinner I had was a reasonable $50 and it was so much food I had a mild case of indigestion the following morning. A huge plus for alcoholics is the free corkage policy, making it an ideal night to kick back and relax with some friends.

Next time, I will remember to bring the wine.

Sage, The Restaurant
11 Unity Street
#02 -12 Robertson Walk
Singapore 237995
Tel: (65) 6333 8726


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