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Le Bistrot

Umami was the one who first brought Le Bistrot to my attention. But before I had a chance to try it while it was still at Katong, the restaurant moved to a more central location, at Stadium Walk.

The restaurant popped to mind when a girlfriend and I wanted to get-together to celebrate our birthdays while yet also trying to maintain a budget. Because I remembered Umami's comment on the "solid unpretentious food at affordable prices", I proposed to the girlfriend that we give Le Bistrot a shot.

Indeed, we were not disappointed. We felt right at home once we stepped into the restaurant. It was classy with a casual touch. Tables were sufficiently spaced without me having to listen to someone's life story and the whole time we were there on a Friday night, the floor was packed. Amazingly the wait staff remained efficient, attentive and friendly. The food was excellent and if I had anything to complain, it was the huge portions - I struggled to finish my food.

We started off nibbling on slices of 2 types of hearty European bread before our entrees arrived. When I saw the daily special was grilled goat's cheese, I did not have to think twice about having it. It was just as expected but delicious all the same. It did come as a shock to see such a huge log of cheese though.

It was a coincidence that I chose to have the daily special for my main course as well. It was another simple dish - pan fried salmon fillet with a herb butter sauce. The fish was fresh and done very well such that the salmon was just barely cooked and had soft, soft innards.

The icing on the cake, for me at least, was when Amy, our waitress, brought out the dessert, with 2 lit candles. Without any privvy information, she managed to pick up hints of a birthday celebration and took the liberty of adding the candles. I was genuinely surprised and happy. As it turned out, Amy overheard me say "happy birthday" when I passed my gift (of homemade macademia & white chocolate cookies) to the girlfriend early on. I appreciated the thoughtfulness and it is a heart-warming, personable gesture like this that makes me want to return :) Thank you Amy!

Le Bistrot
2 Stadium Walk #01-03
Singapore Indoor Stadium
Tel: 6447 0018


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