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Inagiku - Jo Chirashi, originally uploaded by Skinny Epicurean.

This chirashi came highly recommended by Wey-lin and truely the foodie friend, she made sure I could try it for myself by setting up a dinner date. It turned out to be a really delicious midweek respite!

The "jo chirashi" ($60) was presented beautifully, in a large black bowl with a slanted rim. What you cannot see forming the foundation of this rice bowl was good quality sushi rice, topped off with a scattering of pinkish minced gari (pickled ginger), nori and sesame seeds. The raw seafood resting on top the rice was plenty. Since every single one was rather fresh, plump and sweet, it would be difficult to pin down a favourite. But the more memorable ones were the aburi hirame (flounder fin), kanpachi (yellowfin belly) and salmon belly. Inagiku's version of tamago did not have that cottony type of texture that I find disgusting, but it tasted just the way I like it - slightly sweet with a hint of savoury.

Sitting by the counter meant that we could possibly have the special fish soup instead of the standard miso soup. It was made with chunks of various fish and was naturally sweet. That rounded up our dinner and made 2 very full and satisfied foodies.

Thanks Wey-lin, for your wonderful company!


LiquidShaDow said…
This looks very good. And pricey.
MamaBoK said…
Looks good.. but very pricey eh.. ;)
JY said…
Hey Mia, thanks a lot for the fruit cake, it's really nice! Did you make it?

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