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Bishamon Sapporo Ramen

It is rather strange how this particular day, I just felt like a popsicle in the office and really wanted something soupy or hot to warm me up. After a bit of hmm'ing, we agreed to try out the new ramen joint at the basement of Raffles City.

We decided to order the fried tofu ($4) as a starter just to stave off a bit of that awful feeling of hunger. The agedashi tofu was pretty decent - served piping hot and crispy firm on the outside, with plenty of bonito flakes, wimpy looking but added tons of flavour.

I got the miso vegetable ramen ($12) that looked really attractive at the onset, possibly due to effective use of multiple types of colored capsicum.

The soup was not too salty and yet tasted rich if not borderline heavy. It was not as oily as Miharu, and luckily so, because I think if it was any oilier, it would really become quite "jelat".

The noodles were also curly like Miharu's, but not as smooth and tasty because it lacked the bite that I prefer in my noodles.

But Bishamon's serving is pretty generous though. There was lots of other vegetables in addition to the colored capsicums, like, bean sprouts, spring onions, bamboo shoots and baby bok choy. Their special miso ramen ($13.50) had 3 thick slices of char siu (but they felt was too tough though)!

Unfortunately, the vegetable miso ramen does not come with the ajitama (stewed egg). But one can easily top up an additional $1 to get this:

Lava-licious! That egg was the most perfect stewed egg I had ever come across - firm egg white protecting the barely cooked yolk. I totally regretted not asking for top-up.

The service staff is pretty young and earnest but very raw. Maybe they will get better with experience. No biggie though. While I would not write this place off since the ramen was decent, I probably would not rush back again.

Great World City #01-21B
Raffles City Shopping Centre #B1-17


Weylin said…
I love bad but so good:)
MamaBoK said…
Could use some agedashi tofu.. ;) missed those. No one knows what it is here.
Kell Ch@n said…
I love this type of eggs...

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