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Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant

It's better late than never, so Happy New Year to all!

On New Year Eve, the boss rounded everyone who was in the office to go for a nice looong lunch at Brotzeit. To him, the draw was not exactly the food but rather, happy hour prices on beer so we could all drink ourselves silly before evening sets in.

I was not too enthusiastic initially. To a non-meat eater, a German just screams: porky, porky!
But ah, in the name of team spirit and camaraderie, I went and was pleasantly surprised that German food is beyond just the pig.

It is difficult to go wrong with pizza and I enjoyed the grilled vegetable fladen. "Fladen", for your information, is Brotzeit's interpretation on the Italian dish. The crust was not exactly paper-thin but it was definitely thin enough to be brittle-crunchy, like a biscuit.

To the rest of the group, the fladen was merely an appetizer. They were looking forward to the famous dishes of German pork knuckles and sausages. Both came with side dishes of sauerkraut, pickles and potato salad. I tasted the sauerkraut and felt it had been adapted to suit local taste as it was not at all sour.

There were also a couple of salads to cut all that grease above. Each was a big enough portion to be a main dish. Both salads - the mixed seafood and grilled tuna - were good, but I prefered the latter for its anchovies and ample slices of half-raw tuna, tossed simply with a vinegrette dressing.

We had fun and before we knew it, our 3-hour lunch session was up. I am glad I went and now, I don't feel so averse to German restaurants in future.

Brotzeit Germain Bier Bar & Restaurant
VivoCity, #01-149-151
Tel: 6272 8815
Mondays - Fridays
12pm to 12am


MamaBoK said…
Yah.. german food always seems like a lot of meat.. for some reason.. and sausages as well. Misconception eh. ;)

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