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Buono Pizza Bar and Italian Restaurant

FINALLY there is a half-decent Italian restaurant close to my home. Despite the proximity, somehow I just never got around to Buono until last week, when I suggested the family go there to celebrate my birthday with a meal.

The restaurant is located in the corner of a row of old shophouses, in the midst of landed property. It was very down-to-earth restaurant, with warm, red hues of colors and rustic wooden furniture making up the interior. We decided to start off with a 4-mushroom pizza ($19) to share.

The pizza was delicious. The crust was good - good thickness and a good balance between crunch and chew. The toppings were plentiful - both cheese and the assorted mushrooms. This was one enjoyable pizza and nothing I would complain about.

For the main course, the ravioli with crab meat ($22) sounded good and came recommended. Hmmm, the ravioli skin was a little thick and the crab meat, while impressive because it was substantial and came in chunky bits, was dry. The tomato sauce was enriched with some cream though it was not heavy, fortunately. It was thick and robust enough to coat the pillows well but I wished the taste could be just a little more savoury as it was borderline sweet.

We decided to share a few desserts. The tartufo gelato dessert that sounded super-yums ran out so we ended up with the requisite tiramisu ($8), warm molten chocolate cake ($10) and a berry pannacotta ($8).

The tiramisu was okay, if you get pass the top layer of whipped cream. The sponge fingers were moist and the mascarpone cheese thick and luscious. It was a little sweet for me and I would use a little bit more kahlua to add a stronger coffee flavour and more alcohol kick.

The warm chocolate cake passed the molten, eruptive lava test with flying colors. Unfortunately, the chocolate sauce within tasted weak and probably not of the best quality so it was rather disappointing in taste. It did not help that the accompanying ice cream was some french vanilla flavour (I think) that just did not meld together with chocolate.

Forget the berry pannacotta if you abhor artificial flavourings. It reminded me of the grape flavour Bubble Yum chewing gum. The mother almost threw up, but the father relished it. Well, it tells you that taste is subjective.

With such good prices and decent food, I should find myself back at Buono more often.

Buono Pizza Bar & Italian Restaurant
27 Lichfield Road
Serangoon Garden Estate
Tel: 6733 5646


ice said…
Happy belated Bird Day! :)
M. said…
ice: thanks! :)
the hungry cow said…
Happy birthday and many delicious returns!
imp said…
happy birthday!
Cavalock said…
Happy belated birthday! <^;^>
Anonymous said…


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