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Miharu Sapporo Ramen

All done!

Just barely 15 minutes ago, I was greeted with this:

It's Miharu's wa bu shi-sho yu ramen ($12.50++) from the new menu. The noodles were still as good as I remembered - al dente and springy. While the soup, a mix of dashi (fish) stock and sho-yu, was not as salty as their most popular miso tonkutsu ramen, it was still as oily, which could evoke an icky oil-slicked feeling.

But I love soups (duh!) so all I did was to skim off some of the fat on top and the soup became totally drinkable.

There was bamboo shoots and negi (spring onions), a slice of char siu and seaweed. Oh, how can I forget this?

The barely-set egg white wobbled and the soft egg yolk threatened to ooze out. Although I could simply eat the whole thing in a mouthful, I took 2.

Then, damn! I wished I had another.

Miharu Sapporo Ramen
Gallery Hotel
Ground Floor
(Closed on Wed)


MamaBoK said…
Now what i wouldn't give for something like that.. ;)
Cavalock said…
only one slice of char siu? ;(
M. said…
mamabok: no good ramen at your place? :(

cavalock: nothing a few extra bucks can't buy ;P
MamaBoK said…
No ramen at all... you mean.. :(

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