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Pasta de Waraku, again!

Sorry for the lack of updates. A change in portfolio at work has kept me busy and just simply too unmotivated to eat out of the box. I survive mainly on my 2 sources of comfort food - hearty sandwiches from Cedele and the cream-free pumpkin soup from Soup Spoon.

But come Friday night, I took the effort to meet up with the girlfriend and we decided to go back to Pasta de Waraku for convenience's sake. We got there at about 9:30pm and amazingly, we were still 4th in the queue! I guess I am not the only one who finds plastic food quite attractive.

We started with a side order of calamari ($6.80) because we were both ravenous. Unfortunately the squid rings suffered from chewiness, probably due to an extension time in the deep-fryer. The batter was tasty though and I think it could have been an excellent dish otherwise.
In just a month or so, the menu has been revamped. A slightly cheaper and smaller "mini" portion is now offered. We both decided to go for that, remembering how we struggled to finish the regular sized pasta the previous time.

Initially I was curious to try the squid and ume paste combination but then decided to change it to the tuna and corn fettuccine with garlic ($10.80) when we decided on the calamari as starter.

It was quite delicious! Again, the garlic made a huge difference and added a lot of flavour. The sweet kernels of corn went surprisingly well against the salty wafu sauce. Too bad the tuna flakes were meagre or else it would have been even better.
The girlfriend wanted to make a comparison between Waraku's version with her own home-made one, so she got the mentaiko spaghetti with egg ($12.80).

The dish was a little dry for my liking and the flavour a little flat. But the clever addition of finely minced shiso (Japanese mint) into the sauce lifted the tastebuds and prevented the dish from becoming too heavy.
I think I prefer the girlfriend's version.


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