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Ramen Santouka

I am glad the girlfriends and I made it to this newest ramen restaurant in town after much debate. At 7:30pm, the restaurant was doing brisk business but luckily there was no snaking queue and we landed a table right away.

Cups of ice water were served to customers promptly and refills were simply D-I-Y via the large plastic jugs on each table.

The girlfriends went straight for Santouka's specialty - their greatly touted "60-sets-only-daily" tokusen toroniku ($18++ or $19++ for kare-miso). Apparently, only 200-300 grams of this highly coveted pork cheeks could be gathered from one pig. The tender slices of pork were served separately from the ramen, fanned out nicely to showcase all its porky glory. They also ordered the tamago koji (stewed egg) each, but I think they were not impressed.

Now, such precious meat would be wasted on me, the non-meat eater. I only did the next sensible thing by ordering the ordinary shoyu ramen without the char siu ($12++).

Our ramen arrived rather quickly. The noodles were curly like Miharu's. But texturally, I found them not as smooth. Not neccessarily in a bad way, but just different.

What made this ramen for me was the pork broth. Milky-white from an emulsification of collagen and fat, the soup was extremely rich and flavourful with none of the stale-pork stench. The addition of roasted Japanese white sesame only added more decadence. Freshly sliced scallions did little to cut the richness and I wished I had some pickled ginger. With or without the ginger though, nothing could deter me from slurping the bowl clean (well, almost, anyway). I did suffer a bout of extreme thirst after a couple of hours but I'd do it again.

Just a sidenote - Ramen Santouka seems to offer more options than the other ramen houses.
For one, you can pick the size of ramen: +$2 / -$1 gets you more or less noodles.
For second, other than ramen, there are rice bowls too, with a variety of toppings. They are on the smallish side, so you probably need a couple for a satisfying meal.
For third, if you are undecisive or exceptionally hungry, there are reasonably priced ramen & don sets too.

With such delicious ramen and variety, what is there not to like?

I would definitely come back again.

Ramen Santouka
Level 2, The Central
(opp. Billy Bombers; in the corner where Ma Maison is)


ice said…
hi! it's a pity u can't try the toroniku coz it's really darn good.

yups i thought the soup was way too salty too! hehe. didn't the mini tororo don tempt u at all? =D
hinata said…
hey mia, funny, i just came back from tokyo and ate at ramen santouka there, prob the same one? they have various outlets throughout the city; the shinjuku one i went to was a hugely popular supper place...
brad said…
ahh.. i heard of this one before, but haven try it yet. is it really so good? hahaha

Cavalock said…
hi mia! i was at the Sappharo outlet at Great World City. had their speical miso ramen. not bad, better then wat i expected.

Btw, if u have time u should try to get yr hands on this Jap anime Yakitate!! Ja-pan!! its showing on aimax cable channel. Its a comedy cartoon (69 episodes). All bout baking. every episode has some baking info/tip. its really a great show.!!_Japan
M. said…
ice: i love tororo! but when i'm at a ramen joint, i go for ramen :)

hinata: i think this is the same chain. they have opened shop in parts of USA as well. did you like the ramen?

LIC: the soup is really rich so when u feel like u can take a heart-clogging episode, go try it! it's good!

cavalock: yeah, bishamon ramen's soup is also not bad.
thanks for sharing on the anime series. do u know a good place to get the video?
Cavalock said…
I haven’t checked the local DVD shops yet. Maybe Amazon? Anyway, I missed the first 2/3 of the series too so am sure I will be looking out for it. Cable is now showing the very last few episodes. Will let you know if I find anything! ^^;
Ruth Campbell said…
Damn! Looks delicious. If you love ramen as much as I do you might enjoy Ramen 2.0
evelyn.boon.s.k said…
The ramen here is excellent! and the pork cheeks simply melts in your mouth. The tamago koji..a disappointment.But the soup is lip smacking good. Salty but that's the way i like my ramen, unadulerated to suit local taste.

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