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Song of India

I have long wanted to try the Song of India, being a great fan of the food at Rang Mahal when Chef Sovani was still there. Since this fine dining Indian restaurant started more than a year ago, I have heard mixed reviews. But there is no better way to verify the comments than to experience it for myself.
The black-white bungalow gave off ember glows through the windows. Stepping into the house, the setting was indeed rather posh and as I soon found out, the service staff was helpful and attentive. Being virgins to the restaurant and novices at Indian cuisine in general, we relied heavily on their recommendations.
The complimentary dish was a steamed lentil cake that was savoury but drizzled with a sweet sauce. It was pretty tasty and I looked forward to the rest of the courses.
Steamed lentil cake

The lentil soup was the least tasty that night. It did not even look very enticing, being all pasty and white. I think it could have been better if there was more spices. I found the grilled pepper and stale pastry bread stick on the side somewhat awkward - they did not seem to taste well together with the soup.

Lentil soup

I had wondered how the tandoori salad would turn out and fortunately, it was nothing short of deliciousness. The plate itself was decorated with a rather kitschy drawing but that of course had nothing to do with the taste. I must admit the yogurt and saffron marinate kept the vegetables moist inside while the charred bits on the outside released a smoky flavour that complemented the mild tangy taste. I would recommend this relatively healthy dish.

Tandoori salad
We also had 3 different vegetarian entrees. They all looked the same - MUSHY. So I did not bother taking pictures.
The mushroom one was the least impressive just because I found the taste of button mushrooms against the thick and slightly spicy nut-based curry a little strange. But I really looooved the eggplant curry. It was roasted and then mashed with plenty of garlic and other spices, not unlike its Middle Eastern cousin, the Baba Ghanoush, but just without the lemony tang. This dish was not spicy at all. The spinach with mixed vegetables was also delicious. The spinach was pureed and long string beans, green soy beans (edamame) and some other chopped vegetables were added to it. I know it does not sound appetizing at all but trust me, it was really good.
To go with all the curries and dips, we also tried a variety of breads.
The naan was good - chewy and not too heavy. The whole wheat roti was also not bad honestly, so long you eat it while it remained hot, lest it transformed into a heavy piece of dough. The highlight though, was the romali roti. It was the bomb! As it was so thin and light, a little like tortilla, but thinner, I could eat tons of them with the curries.
Yes, the curries were so addictive that I kept on going even after I was full. The fact that we were also recommended a really good Italian red wine to go with the food only enhanced the whole experience. Not surprisingly, I could not make space for dessert thereafter but I was satisfied with the dinner anyway.
33 Scotts Road
Tel: 6235-9604


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