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Dim Sake Bar

It had been a really one over-indulgent week. But who could resist an opportunity to check out Goodwood Park Hotel's latest dining concept, a dim sum & sushi bar?

Try the DS Brew ($18) - it was a refreshing cocktail of vodka, lychee and of course, sake. We decided to have dinner there and had almost the whole dim sum menu. Unfortunately, the dim sum though apparently from the reputable Min Jiang restaurant, was just mediocre. More emphasis was placed on playing up the presentation than the quality of the food itself.

Order the "xiao long bao shooter" for novelty's sake. A shooter cup of broth that was served together with the bun was tasty enough. But the bun suffered from a skin that was far too thick and tough because it had turned cold quickly. I found out that to be the general trend for all the steamed orders.

On the contrary, all the deep-fried items fared better, being made ala mode helped. The chinese breadsticks (picture above, right most) that tasted like Chinese NY hae bee rolls went well with the savoury chili dip.

The highlight for me was the lobster roll (picture above, bottom) that retained a moist and crunchy texture, and tasted sweet and fresh. A coriander ginger shrimp (picture above, top) was interesting because the ginger flavor hit the nose even before a taste but overwhelming it was not. Instead, the zesty flavour just seemed to perk up the palate sensation even more.
The steamed sea perch with wolfberry ($8.95) was a light-tasting dish. The meat was smooth and silky, typical trademarks of the cod family.

(adorable) Carrot dumpling

Sliced fish congee with spinach puree ($11)

Tofu Trio ($8.95)

The rest of the dim sum was really just average.

Durian puffs ($2 each)

I rounded up the meal with Goodwood Park's famous durian dessert. The durian puff looked so ladened with its bulging filling I ended its misery by quickly devouring it.

It turned out Dim Sake Bar is an ideal place to hang out with a few friends, quiet enough to make your own merry, open til late and best of all, away from the rest of oversubscribed haunts. But eat first, or stick to the fried food.

Dim Sake Bar
GoodwoodPark Hotel
Sun-Thu: 6pm - 1am
Fri, Sat & eves of PH: 6pm - 3am
Tel: 6730 -1825


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