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MINT Museum of Toys & Cafe

This place is a must visit for any toy-lover or a child at heart. It's actually a museum dedicated to toys and boasts a strong collection from over 25 countries! The MINT museum of toys is located at Seah Street, not too difficult to find as its rather comtemporary building is a stark difference to the rest of the row of old shophouses.

The museum has its own cafe that is quite cool. A stairway right at the entrance of the museum leads you downwards to the open-top dining room. I would love to duplicate the design for my own place.

Inside the cafe, the decoration was figurines and posters of familiar toys and images. They definitely invoke a sense of nostalgia for me. Everything was seems so quirky, so arty farty, particularly the retro and customised paper place "mats" and menu. I like!

The cream of cauliflower had the mildest of flavour but yet creamy and tasty enough to satisfy. The norwegian salmon with ratatouille was generous as the main course. Fish was fresh and not overdone. Too bad it didn't have much flavour. The thick salmon fillet was cushioned by a mound of delicious but slightly oily ratatouille. I think the daily quota of omega-3 and fiber could be easily met.

The primavera sandwich was also a pretty good vegetarian option. Then again, I could be impartial since I love vegetableseverything in the sandwich - grilled portobello mushrooms, mixed peppers and melted cheese, all between sturdy slices of sourdough bread no less, and toasted to enhance the pleasure.

Dessert was simply put as "panna cotta". It was served in a small shot glass layered with a couple of unidentified liquids. The first taste led the mind to think "chendol". How strange! It turned out that the layers were gula melaka and coconut cream. It was really a pleasant and deeelicious surprise.

9.30am to 10.30pm
26 Seah Street
Tel: 6339 6266


brad said…
whats the price range of the food there? i been to MINT few weeks ago, but we didn't get to try the cafe food.

brad, ladyironchef
M. said…
Brad: It's slightly above normal cafe (TCC, Coffee Club, etc). The primavera sandwich is $14 and fish $24? There's steaks and pizzas etc too.
Anonymous said…


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