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Sri Kamala Vilas

It was a really spontaneous decision to alight at Little India with the intention of transferring to the NEL train. But one thing led to another and I soon found myself facing Sri Kamala Vilas restaurant. I found the name familiar, and recalled reading some recommendations on their thosai. Despite my initial reservation about being a minority once I enter the coffeeshop, I decided it was about time I broke my dry spell from thosai, a typical South Indian crepe, made from a fermented mixture of ground rice and beans.

plain thosai ($1.50)

Very quickly, a freshly prepared and ginormous piece of thosai plated on a piece of banana leaf was served. Another guy followed behind with metal pails containing different side items. I got a coconut chutney that I didn't care too much for, a coconut and chili sambar that was pretty average and lastly, a watery vegetable sambar that was surprisingly my favourite. It was tasty and flavourful despite its appearance and I particularly loved biting into bits of mustard seeds. Its watery consistency also allowed the thosai to soak it up real good.

I loved the thosai's crispy parts on the edges and despite the large appearance, the crepe was not heavy at all. A plus point was that it was not too sour either. This is definitely one thosai I would gladly stain my fingers for again.

Sri Kamala Vilas Restaurant
(not Komala Vilas)
Block 662, Buffalo Road (Tekka Market)
(Beside the POSB ATM)


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