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Xin Yuan Ji (Seah St)

The first coffeeshop at the junction of Seah St. seems to be jinxed. It went through several changes of management over the last couple of years already. The newest owner is none other than Xin Yuan Ji (新原记), which is already doing brisk business just a few blocks away, at Tan Quee Lan Street. I sure hope they survive longer than their predecessors because I just had a very satisfying lunch there today.

Their specialty is the sliced fish noodle soups and steamboat. But honestly, I don't think they are very good at it. Having tried both the milk- and non-milk versions before, the soup always tastes artificially sweet. The fish soup stall from Maxwell FC is still tops for me.

So at this new location, I steered far away from the fish soups and gave the seafood hor fun ($5) a try.
I love, love, love, a good hor fun but more often than not, I end up disappointed. Taking a risk, I placed my order, specifically requesting to taste the 'wok hei' . Luckily, the kitchen noted the request and I could tell that the hor fun was first given a good, looong, stirfry, before being drowned happily by flavouful gravy choked full of very fresh seafood. The shrimps were crunchy, squid not rubbery and fish firm. I was especially impressed that the shrimps were carefully de-veined. What a bonus!

Xin Yuan Ji's seafood hor fun is definitely the better one around my office area and whilst it is also the most expensive thus far, it is justified by its quality and quantity.

My lousiest came from Chin Chin Eating House, where a platter of lukewarm rice noodles that had a fake tan (via a dark soy sauce massage) was drenched with an insipid gravy tasting like water. It was definitely a bummer. Yikes, never again!


MamaBoK said…
I missed good hor fun too.. ! i remember the ones at Thomson Road.. near Sin Ming drive.. facing the rosd.. now that was good horfun.. from like when i was 10 yrs old.. ;)
Anonymous said…


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