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717 Cakerie

I love birthdays!


Because there is C-A-K-E!

Ignoring the spastic decoration, this durian cake from 717 durian trading was really excellent! I mean, take a look at the innards:

It was almost 100% durian with barely-there sponge cake layers that was there simply to meet the pre-requisite to deem this a 'cake'. The durian pulp smelled soo good and tasted of good quality. I would imagine so, as the bakery is associated with 727 Trading that sells whole durians and hosts durian parties.

There was not much added cream and although the middle of the cake was still slightly frozen so it was a little icy, otherwise the cake was perfect and a hit with everyone!

This 15cm cake costs $40 and could feed about 10 people comfortably. Do give this a try if you like durian cake too. There are several outlets or you can order online and have them deliver right to your doorstep.

717 Cakerie
Highland Centre
22 Yio Chu Kang Road
Tel : 6487 2777


oh mine, the durian cake looks really.......OMG! have u tasted the one in goodwood park & angie's the choice? i hope to do a comparison. haha
M. said…
jaime: I think Angie's the Choice has dropped their standards ie. their durian filling tasted less pure than 717's although still quite fragrant. Though I haven't tried Goodwood Park's durian cake, if I used the durian puff as a benchmark, then GP's also less pure. So, I'd still prefer 717 :)

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