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Crêperie des Arts

The crêpe is the French version of a pancake. There are two main types: sweet crêpes (crêpes sucrées) and savoury ones knowned as galettes. I like crêpes because like sandwiches, they can be filled with so many different things that prevents them from getting boring. Besides, they look so pretty with their laced patterns.

There used to be a couple of crêperies in Singapore where I could satisfy a craving (Crêperie Armen and Le P'tit Breton) but both have since closed their operations. But I am happy to share my findings on the latest crêperie in town.

It was a hot and breezeless night and I longed for a cold drink to cool down. The answer was a bottle of apple cider ($26), just because it has always been traditionally served with crêpes. (Anybody knows why?)

The La Rouge ($10.90) was a refreshing salad of tomatos, olives and mozzarella cheese with a rather unique lemon and sour cream dressing. A side order of white baguette ($1.90) slathered with butter made perfect companion for the salad.

With the stomach juices roaring to go, we started off with the galette Saint Caradee ($18.80). It was a buckwheat pancake with "scallops flambeed with lambic and creamy leek fondue". The pancake was quite good, although I somehow felt it could be more nutty and fragrant. The three scallops were very fresh and plump and went well with the creamy sauce. Unfortunately, the seasoning for the creamy leek leaned towards the sweet side, otherwise this galette would have been great.

The vegetarian galette, Locmiquelic ($15.90) appeared to be Atkin diet's worst enemy but totally a carb-whore's best friend. Indeed, I prefered this galette filled with simple but delicious things like sauteed potatoes that retained its bite, homemade tomato sauce and onion fondue.

The last order of galette, Germinal ($16.50), satisfied the carnivores with its filling of sauteed bacon filets, pan fried potatoes and a spicy mustard sauce.

The servings were deceitfully light but we were actually quite full from all the galettes. To their credit, the girlfriends acceded to my request to try at least one of the crêpes sucrées for dessert.

I ordered the simplest one, Mistral ($6.90), a plain crêpe sprinkled with lemon juice and syrup, that would be a good gauge of the standard. The crêpe itself was slightly sweet and had a chewy texture as it should be. But it was overall just too dry. It needed a good pat of butter and it would be good to go.

The laidback decoration of fishing nets and miniature models of sailboats made a very good setting for our all-girls' night out indeed.

Crêperie des Art
44 Prinsep Street
Tel: 6333 5330
Dinner: Tue-Sun: 5pm - 11pm
Lunch: Fri-Sat: 12noon - 2pm


JY said…
I love crepes too! But authentic french crepes are difficult to find in SG... How is the standard of Crêperie des Art's crepes as compared to those at Crêperie Armen & Le P'tit Breton?
M. said…
I would say that between the 3, Crêperie des Arts is somewhat in between the other two. The crepes were delicious, but just tasted too "healthy". Really, more butter would help to just bind the taste together and add a bit of richness and more satisfaction. And this is coming from me, the health nut.
JY said…
Argh too little butter :( In fact I didn't enjoy Le P'tit Breton's crepes, and I didn't have the chance to visit Crêperie Armen before it shut its doors.. Thanks!
Anonymous said…


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