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Tomo Japanese Dining - Episode May

Given my short attention span, I would be the first to admit that I never thought I would still be amazed at the food at Tomo after sooo many dinners. But seriously, each omakase never failed to bring about new experiences, new tastes and new favourites.

On my most recent visit, the meal started off strong with a anddelicious homemade cold tofu that had a wonderful texture and flavour enhanced by a murky century egg yolk dressing. There was just something about that savoury sauce that I could not quite figure out so I had to dig the secret ingredients out of Chef Andrew.

Ah ha! He had added a little of sukiyaki sauce and chicken rice chili to give the sauce the extra edge. Talk about innovation!

The Hokkaido Don was another highlight. It appeared to be a mini chirashi of sort, because a small serving of freshly cooked sushi rice was topped with a variety of very fresh Hokkaido selections of top notch quality. Everything was to be stirred together with sticky grated mountain yam (i.e. tororo) with additional flavouring from torn nori and chopped spring onion. I added a wad of wasabi and drizzle of soy sauce and the whole dish just came together like a complete jigsaw puzzle, wholesome, and stomach filling. I especially relished those moments when an ikura or tobiko popped , releasing the freshest of brine.

No meal at Tomo is ever complete without sushi. I would have to ask Chef Andrew for his spicy tuna gunkan again next time. It was soo good! The twist came in the form of crunchy tempura bits mixed in with the chunks of chopped tuna and the sprinkle of sesame just gave it a touch of nuttiness.

Tomo Fine Dining
6 Raffles Boulevard
#02-03, Marina Square, Singapore 039594
Tel: 63384486


Mellon Collie said…
hi there, I love japanese food and came across your blog when I was surfing for japanese restaurants to visit. Having tried omakase at both Akashi and Nogawa (both experiences were delish) I was delighted to read your reviews on Tomo Japanese Dining. I intend to bring my friend there for a birthday treat and would like to know the estimated price range for an omakase meal. Please enlighten. Thank you. =)

ice said…
yipes! chicken rice chili! sooo much "garlic" keke

*just being naughty* but I know it must be delicious. :)
Shou Jie said…
really enjoy the style of your writing, it's crisp and descriptive. could i also ask about the price of this omakase? is it comparable to that at the ex-kaisan?
M. said…
Hi the prices are comparable to ex-Kaisan. Omakase runs from $80 onwards, but for a 'good' one, pay about >$120. Then again, sometimes it depends on luck :P. one of the thrills of omakase is not knowing your bill until it comes!

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