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Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant

Fans of Tomo Japanese Dining at Marina Square should be really happy to know that a sibling restaurant has just been set up within the CBD. Noo need to beat the ERP gantries :) Chef Thomas will be stationed there for a least until the operations are stablised. But no fear folks, Tey-san will still be at Tomo holding the rein.

Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant focuses on using fresh Hokkaido seafood and ingredients that are flown in almost on a daily basis. Chef Thomas even brought in a Hokkaido Chef and his team to make sure the food stays authentic! Not to worry, it's not all about foreign talent. You could find familiar faces in Tony-san and Jack-san, both sushi chefs at the new restaurant.

I love sitting at the sushi counter watching the chefs in action and I quite like the decoration of the place, with a traditional curtained entrance and faux bamboo walls that partion the sushi counter from the main dining area for some privacy. As usual, omakase is the way to go as I love surprises, especially delicious ones.

All the seafood was soo fresh and sweet. The aka uni, the dual-color Hokkaido corn, the hairy crab. I was rather impressed by the tempura that had a light coating of fried batter that reminded me of tiny icicles, crunchy icicles. Even a simple dish of stirfried peasprouts took me by surprise by its originality. It was fried with strips of omelette and fried tofu, topped with flakes of bonito, ebi sakura and chili powder that invoked a spicy kick.

Dessert was delicious macha ice cream and a whole Japanese momo. Look at how big the peach was! It was sooo fragrant like the very essence of a thousand peaches all compacted into one big and juicy peach. Absolutely yummy.

I indulged in a bottle of really good sake too. It tasted really smooth when chilled and I probably drank more than I should.

Too bad I didn't get a chance to try the teppanyaki room. I would love the experience of sitting around the edge of the hotplate and watch the action there. Can't wait to try that soon.

Just some randomness - is this clock cool or coooool?

Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant
M Hotel, Level 9
Tel: 65006121
Open daily: 11:30am - 3pm, 6pm - 11pm
(20% off bill until end-August 2008)


Cavalock said…
just back from hokkaido a different experience from yours. Not sure i wanna blog bout it. Think u can ask the staff how were things on sat nite. should be an interesting answer.
ice said…
cavalock: It'll be good if you'd kindly elaborate on your experience.
M. said…
cavalock: I have to apologise that it's my fault for not adding the fact that Hokkaido Sushi just opened on Sat (officially to the public). Were u by any chance, in the party of 3 at the counter?

In any case, Chef Thomas sends his apologies to all those who went on Saturday night. There was an unexpected crowd and the staff was overwhelmed. The kitchen was also facing some unexpected technical issues so orders were messed up or slow. Thomas hopes to make it up to those who "suffered". Just remind him of the Opening Night experience the next time you call to make a reservation.
Cavalock said…
hah, no i wasm't at the counter. to be honest, the food n service were excellent. yah, it was the technical or logistical issues that were obviously the probs.

And i sort of enjoyed myself (in a stange way), i found it amusing to see the tepanyaki guy being quite free, until the yakitori grill or its fire couldn't start, at least that's wat i was told when they cancelled my yaki order (one of my several orders that had to be cancelled including my omakase). then orders were directed to him. And the yakitori chef i think had to come out n help him.

It kinda reminded me of a beta test version. like a software or game that's not totally ready yet with some bugs but it was still launched n there were all kinds of compliants, know wat i mean?

I will definitely pay another visit, maybe once I hear everything's ok.
Cavalock said… a good-looking guy or something in the party of 3 at the counter?
M. said…
cavalock: thanks for the explanation. I'll be the first to give you the que when things @ Hokkaido Sushi are more settled ;)
Cavalock said…
no prob. where were u seated? ;)

i know most of the patrons were his regulars cos chef thomas was greeting everyone of them personally. like i said, i wasn't upset or anything but i could tell the other guests were, some even wanted to cancel their orders.
Weylin said…
Mia, the guy asked you if some cute guy was sitting at the counter!


Ok, before I'm distracted by more commentary, thanks for posting, I'll check it out. Loove more Jap options in the CBD.
Matt said…
I was disappointed by my trip to Hokkaido Sushi this weekend, having booked on the basis of several good reviews online. We didn't go omakase, and quite a lot of what arrived wasn't very fresh and the food was pretty unremarkable. Maybe we chose the 'wrong' things? The tako was particually lousy.

Ambience wise - We took a private room as it was a farewell dinner but the noise from the live band in the bar was deafening unless you closed the door - maybe don't take that space if you want to chat - the waitress kept leaving it open.

Service was bordering on the rude, we arrrived at 9pm (last orders are at 10) and it seemed like we were an imposition on the waitress who clearly couldn't wait to get off shift.

I wouldn't go back.
M. said…
matt: sorry to hear about your less-than-spectacular dinner. i have to admit that the service crew is not the most experienced. i went back for dinner last week and there was still a couple of hiccups from the kitchen. what i like is the lack of crowd and the classy sushi counter area.
Kel said…
hi may i know how much your omakase bill came up to with tax?
M. said…
Hi Kel, it was a treat from a friend but I reckon it was close to $150?
Shou Jie said…
Went back to Tomo last night only to find that Chef Andrew is no longer with them. Really enjoyed the meal he prepared when I went in july, as well as his warm personality which made the meal even more enjoyable. Any idea where he might have moved on to?
Anonymous said…


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