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The latest Italian restaurant to hit town is neatly located at the ex-Centro Club at One Fullerton, and overlooks the Marina Bay area. I would imagine when the integrated resort is completed, the window seats would be highly sought after as the view would be pretty awesome.

I was rather looking forward to lunch but unfortunately had to spend more than a few frustrating minutes trying to find the appropriate entrance to the restaurant. As I walked up the dim and dark-carpeted stairway that screamed Gothic, I wondered if the darkness theme would ensue into the restaurant proper. Fortunately, I saw light at the end of the tunnel (literally)) and was greeted by a brighter room made out to look like a old-fashion bar and lounge. THe room had pretty baby-blue walls with gold trimmings and it felt more cosy and warm, like somebody's house.

The menu was surprisingly not outrageously priced but to make things simple, I chose to go with the 2-course set lunch ($45++).

The amuse and starter were pretty ordinary but it was the main course, tagliolini pasta with sundried tomato, fresh shrimps and uni sauce, that impressed me. It was nothing short of fantastic and I always thought uni tastes better raw. That sauce was a killer in that it had a mild yet distinctive taste of sea urchin, and the texture was somewhat creamy but not heavy. It combined the pasta, crunchy shrimps and sweet tomatoes all together effortlessly. And the portion, oh it could put some other restaurant's ala carte portions to shame. Turned out I need not worry about having to fill up on bread after all.

Truffle, Spanish Ham, potato and egg salad
That truffle had no taste or aroma, but the potato and egg salad underneath was quite tasty.

Grilled Asparagus with Poached Egg
The egg was perfectly done, with a runny yolk that begged to be mopped up. Which I did.

Homemade Foccacia
This was good. A drizzle of olive oil soaked into the slightly dense and chewy fluff.

Petit fours - (from left) truffle, meringue, tart
Loved the tart; crust was crisp, buttery and sweet, all at the same time.

The service was somewhat pretentious and unnecessary though. In particular, I found it amusing that I was given a choice of napkins of varying colors. Like I really care if the green napkin matches my outfit more than the grey? By the way, it did match my lime green top but that is besides the point. Anway, I did love the pasta enough to let that napkin business slide. I really do look forward to try more of Chef Forlino's dishes.

One Fullerton
Tel: 6877 6995


ice said…
I've been wanting to go to this place forever. Lunch looks awesome, just lacking a raspberry tart to go with it... :)
Weylin said… look so much better in the day!
M. said…
ice: glad you got to try the pasta as well as the tart :)

weylin: yeah, definitely!
Cavalock said…
wah...u got me with the grilled asparagus with poached egg...tempted to try it one weekend...
Hi Mia... I wanted to go to Forlino today... but couldn't because they are closed during lunch on Saturday.. I ended up eating at Mohamed Sultan... and went to Canele for dessert... saw you there! (but I didnt stop to chat since you were engrossed in conversation!) :)
M. said…
cavalock: go go go.

chocolate reindeer: welcome back. i miss your posts :)

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