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I had the pleasure of joining my foodie girlfriends at Tetsu, purportedly the first restaurant to offer tempura and tonkatsu "live", prepared right under your nose. But if you are like me, not big fan of fried food, you will still be able to find good and satisfactory options, as I would find out.

For the "pest-cetarian", the term of endearment some of my friends gave me, Chef Kent prepared a salt-grilled Pacific saury, or sanma shio, one of the more prominent seasonal food that represents autumn in Japanese cuisine.

The belly had a nice thick layer of fat but it was balanced by some of the lemon juice I squeezed over the flesh. The salt-grilled flesh was moist and succulent. Together with some daikon oroshi (grated daikon), each mouthful was sheer bliss. The intestines were left inside and whilst in the past I would not go anywhere near it (it looks "dirty"), I have since learnt to savour and enjoy the bitterness. That night, it was bit by bit, accompanied by sweet ume wine (think Choya).

I read much about the inaniwa udon at Tetsu and could not wait to try it for myself. The noodles were slightly flatter than commercial ones found in the supermarket or at the Japanese sushi chains, and was served cold with slivers of cucumbers. The noodles were a delight to eat - slippery, smooth and chewy. The dipping sauce was light and refreshing with a bit of grated ginger and spring onions. I really enjoyed this and even the girlfriend who did not like udon before this dinner, finished her (full) portion and probably became a convert.

I also had the boiled gindara (cod), and it was a very generous portion. Despite my preference for grilled fish, I enjoyed the cod and its oily, silky flesh.

Tetsu is a little out of the way, but it will be a good dining choice if I was in the area.

163 Tanglin Road
#03-18 Tanglin Mall
Singapore 247933
Tel : (65) 6836 3112


Florence Lee said…
i absolutely love your blog
awesome description of food you've eaten!
and as a japanese food lover myself, your experiences at the various japanese restaurants totally tempt me to go out this weekend for moreeee japanese food!! yummy!!

keep it coming!
hi i was hoping to use one of the pictures you posted on flickr - the spinach with bonito flakes one-for a sch article. its completely non-profit and im not getting graded for it, btw. pls email me at! thank you!! btw the photography on your blog is amaazing!!

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