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Casa Verde

This relatively new restaurant is located near the Visitor's Center at the Botanical Garden. It used to be the Cafe Les Amis but has since been madeover with a new name and new concept that includes an impressive wood-fired oven.

In the day time, it operates as before -- order at the counter and self-service. The menu is almost the same as well, covering both local favourites and a few western selections, which now consist of fresh pizzas made to order.

Come nightfall, 7:30pm to be exact, the restaurant tranforms into full service Italian trattoria with Chef Oscar from Buko Nero overseeing the food menu. Tata! The answer to anyone's futile efforts in getting a reservation at Buko Nero is right at Casa Verde.

The menu selection is rather lean, but very comprehensive. There is a very extensive pizza section, and 3 choices each for the antipasti, primi, secondi and dolci courses. There are also cold and hot crostinis plus a soup of the day that the server shared with us at the table.

The restaurant also offers numerous ways one can pick and choose from the various different courses to put together your own set dinner. As the menu selection for each course is pretty compact, the food will change monthly, which is a good because that way, customers can try something different each time.

The prices are very competitive, given that they are inclusive of GST, plus there is no service charge. Later, I would find out the portions are not puny either.

Antipasti - Squids and prawns salad with mango and fresh coriander

I really enjoyed the pairing of sweet mango and cherry tomatos with the fresh seafood. The dressing, which could contain kaffier lime juice, was refreshing and light. But I found the squid was a bit too squishy for me, suggesting they were undercooked. I could have checked with the server if this was intentional. Next time, I would either request for a more well-done squid, or, simply do a prawn-only salad.

Pizza Pomodorini – Cherry tomatoes with Scarmoza Cheese

What I loved about this 11" pizza ($22) was the unconventional topping of the scarmoza cheese. It imparted an appetizing smoky flavour and paired well with the baby tomatoes that added much needed juiciness to the overall taste because the pizza crust, while thin and crunchy, was borderline dry. Denture-owners, please take note and avoid the crust. hahaha

Dolci - Tiramisu

I didn't try the tiramisu, but I thought the way it was served was rather innovative and cute. It is a metal measuring cup, if it is not apparent to you.
By the way, Les Amis-style, there are wines to go with your meals. They are going at 50% discount until the end of October.

Casa Verde
1 Cluny Road
(Visitor Centre)
Singapore Botanical Gardens
Tel: 6467 7326


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