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Tokyo: Yuzuya Ishinkyo 柚子屋一心居

Yuzuya Ishinkyo is a restaurant serving traditional food, Kyoto-style. The menu was very small -- salads, small dishes, meat, fish and a section on nabe (Japanese claypot), and all in Japanese too.

Once inside the doors, we had to take off our shoes (please remember to wear good socks and easy to take off/put on shoes :P), then, we were led into the main dining area where it was lit with an orangey light and was rather dim.

All the seatings were either by the counter or in a private room. The counter seats were tatami-style, meaning, I had to sit cross-legged throughout dinner so you can imagine I was rather glad to stand up and stretch after dinner! Honestly, the atmosphere was rather austere and I felt I had to be on best behaviour, so it would not have been my top choice dining experience.

We started dinner with a slow-cooked sanma, at its peak during this autumn season. It was good and I waited for the rest of the courses in anticipation.

Next, we had the salad (not pictured). The greens were fresh and cleansed our palate. It was good as well and would have been ordinary if not for the copious amounts of mizuna leaves (a Japanese vegetable) and a light and creamy yuzu dressing.

The spinach and egg tamagoyaki (omlette) was next. This was delicious and definitely the highlight of the dinner. The egg was folded in a typical fashion but the inside remained creamy and soft, but not undercooked. It was savoury and reminded me of a mild cheese flavour.

The friend also ordered a sliced beef and meatball nabe. It had delicious maitake mushrooms and more mizuna tossed in as well.

We rounded up the dinner with an onigiri each. I thought this was rather unique. A rather "gianomous" triangular rice ball was wrapped up with pickled cabbage. That means, each bite of rice was flavoured. Quite clever huh? The first bite revealed some really wet rice. The onigiri could have been freshly steamed. But as I ate on, the moisture also dissippated quite quickly so towards the end, the rice ball was completely devoid of moisture and tasted glutinous, like a mochi (in a good way). Boy, I was completely stuffed after this rice ball. But is it me, or do you agree that Japanese rice just taste so good and addictive? It would have been such a waste if I cannot finish it so I did!

Yuzuya Ishinkyo 柚子屋一心居
Address: 3-16-8 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Telephone: 03-5545-6314


CaramelCorn said…
only guys can sit cross legged... girls are suppose to seat with folded legs..(legs together on the side)
Anonymous said…


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