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Le Pont De Vie

To celebrate the October babies birthday (myself and another colleague), I suggested we go try Le Pont De Vie, which means "the bridge of life". I have been there once at the restaurant's previous location at Waterloo Street but since its move to its current location, I have not been there.

The restaurant has taken over a shophouse and feels definitely more cosy because the space is really much smaller. But perhaps its current location is rather off-track, we were the only table during dinner service on a Wednesday evening.

The food remains to be rather safe and conventional take on French bistro fare. But that did not seem to fit with the setting that was more proper and stiff. Anyhow, I tried two appetizers that sounded interesting.

The first was a grilled portabello mushroom with roasted tomato and goat cheese tart ($19). I am partial towards the goat cheese so it was literally a no-brainer when I saw this on the menu. Its presentation was a surprise departure from my imagination. The tart shell was a thin casing that was designed to fit the mushroom cap at the bottom, stacked with tomato and then the cheese on top. The portion was small but decent enough as a starter.

The second course I got was an interesting sounding black truffle with cheese souffle ($25). I am currently in love with the truffle so it did not take much effort to decide on this either. It turned out to be a good choice because I was very pleased with this dish. The souffle was full of chopped truffle that permeated its heady aroma throughout the spongey body. It had a texture of a tamagoyaki, slightly firm and spongey. Perhaps there was a lot of cheese but the souffle got a little heavy midway though, and the bitter rucola greens had an important role in providing a welcome respite to cut the heaviness.

After those two dishes and nibbling off some of the other plates, I was full and did not care for desserts.

Le Pont de Vie
26 Kandahar Street
Tel: (65) 6238 8682


JY said…
Mia! Remember I asked about ordering a carrot cake from you? Not sure if you will be able to make it for Sunday 16 Nov (celebrating my mum's bday)?
sweetpea said…
Seems like you must have hit a slow night - it is often quite bustling - but your definitely took two of the most popular appetizers, so hats off for good taste!

I suggest you try the seafood pasta or the excellent mushroom risotto for a main course next time.

BTW, I heard a rumour they are planning a "ladies night" on Wednesdays.
Anonymous said…


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sweetpea said…
Was there recently and they have a new menu that features some of the most loved European dishes - not just French and Italian but Spanish, Austria, Scandinavian. Not sure how long they will continue it though.

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