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White Truffle Season now

These God-given wonders are in season right now and there was a recent article in the Sunday Times about white truffles that sparked off an insane craving. Now, I am not an expert on truffles but I do know that these mushrooms are highly sought after for its wonderful heady aroma.

Chef Luca from Bonta has created a truffle menu just for the season while it lasts so I hurried down to get a taste of it before it runs out.

After the signature bread made of feta cheese, walnut and sundried tomato, I tried another signature appetizer that was ocean trout with crab meat rolls ($28). Order this, because the sashimi-like trout paired really well with the creamy crab mayo. But it could be wise to share as the dish was slightly heavy due to the rich cream.

My main course was highly anticipated. I ordered off the truffle menu and decided on the handmade angel hair with parmesan cheese sauce and white truffle ($72) to keep things simple and allow myself to savour the fullness of the famed funghi.

I was initially disappointed by the paltry serving but WOW!

Just after one bite, I understood why this ugly looking vegetable could be so prized. It had the most amazing and irresistible aroma that need nothing much more than a simple cheese sauce to add some body to the pasta. I want to have more, soon!

To end off on a high note, we shared a Chef's trio of dessert. Do try the warm chocolate cake if you have room. The crust to lava ratio was perfect and the chocolate was good quality and thick and luscious. The wild berry cake was okay but the tiramisu was way too wet and sweet. I was not impressed.

It was a truly great birthday treat. Thank you!


imp said…
ARRRGH! i just satisfied that truffle craving 2 weeks ago! this post has just induced fresh ones! *dancing around the room*
MissyGlutton said…
happy belated bday :)
sounds like a good place to head for lunch today :)
M. said…
imp: hahah..i know, the craving is insane huh?

missy: thank you. enjoy your lunch :)
Mrs. LC said…
I LOVE white truffle. The best white truffle dish I ever had was at a restaurant in Florence called ZaZa's. Just a simple white truffle chicken dish, but it was the best I've ever tasted. (It could also have tasted better because I was so tired of pizza and panini at that point). :)

Happy belated birthday also.

Just found your blog, and am glad I decided to visit!
Good to go! said…
hey m, have reserved table for 2 @ bonta for ny eve's set dinner.. so i reckon shd b quite ok right?

will mms u the menus in d morn for your advice! -the sec4a hopscotch girl who was caught by dm

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