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Otto Ristorante

Regular readers will know I have a weakness for pasta and sushi. So when I read about the delicious lobster pasta from Otto Ristorante, an Italian restaurant that had been established for about a year or so now, I made a mental note to visit because the recommendation came from the imp, a lady whom I have never met before but am quite positive our taste buds more or less synchronise.

It made the perfect lunch spot when a girlfriend surprised me with her shout-out to meet for lunch. There, I found good service from Shar, a familiar face previously from Garibaldi Group, who was very accommodating with our various requests when placing the orders. In the end, I opted for the set lunch just so I don't have to think too much given I knew I had to have the pasta as my main course. The regular set lunch costs a reasonable $35++ but I topped up some to make a switch.

Now, I shall not waste too much time talking about the appetizer and dessert, both of which were average at best. Ont…

Itacho Sushi

The perpetual long queues and the surge in reviews by food blogs piqued my interest to visit Itacho Sushi located at Ion Orchard. Given my appetite for anything Japanese, I eagerly awaited for an opportunity to go for lunch on a weekday, as I figured it would probably be less busy then. The restaurant was definitely doing brisk business though I could immediately get a seating upon arrival.

Sad to say, I was not impressed at all. It was not as cheap a meal that I expected from a sushi chain. The anagao looked impressive in its entirety but tasted mushy and much too sweet from copious amounts of sweet sticky teriyaki sauce. The fresh scallop sushi was good though.

However I must admit that the restaurant has got some unique selling points going for them - individual sushi to allow variety, a good selection of "roasted" sushi, better known as aburi sushi, and a relative larger variety of sushi. Kudos to the good service as well. Maybe the original stores in Hong Kong fare…

Saint Pierre can be affordable

On weekdays, Saint Pierre offers good value set lunches comprising of either two, three or four courses, with prices ranging between an unbelievable $28 to $45. Unfortunately it is a little out of the way but on this visit I enjoyed the food that was based on classic French cooking techniques that were well executed. If you are looking for new age / progressive cooking, this may not be your cup of tea. But if all you want is simple, well cooked food, then you have an option here.

On this occasion, we had:

amuse bouche: warm, roasted tomato cream soup

appetizer: tuna sashimi, roasted cauliflower puree

appetizer: artichoke soup with bacon

main course: roasted cod, fennel salad

main: pan fried sea bream, potate ratte with crab
(loved the crispy skin and fresh firm taste of bream)

dessert: any 3 kinds of cheese with condiments below ($8 supplement)
(my favourite is comte!)

Overall the meal was satisfactory, bar the mini baguette served alongside the meal that was cold and chewy. My highlight wa…

Sui Japanese Dining

This post is especially for my friend, J, who was policing my blog and reminded me I was not updating fast enough :)

So, Sui Japanese restaurant is first introduced by my friend D. Initially put off by its location, I am glad that I went and gave it a try. The restaurant is hidden amongst a row of shophouses near Chinatown/Tanjong Pagar border, just opposite Chinatown Plaza. But I was motivated to find a restaurant to replace my old haunt, Tomo Japanese Dining, which is now defunct.

The kind of familiarity between my taste buds and the sushi chef is very important to me and a couple of visits later, I am pleased that I feel fairly positive about this place and the Chef/Owner Andy. He is very passionate about his food and tries to be creative with his sushi.

His sashimi was fresh and sliced thickly with clean cuts. If I had to pick bones, they were sliced just a bit too thick, reminding me of Wasabi Tei's version. But to give benefit of doubt, we were the only customers for lunch and …

Goto Japanese Restaurant

Lunch at Goto is a fix prix affair that cost $68+. In kaiseiki fashion, seasonal ingredients were used for some of the dishes. The sashimi was not as wonderful as I expected it to be. Overall, I was not overwhelmed by the food although I must say I loved the steamed dishes: third course that was some grated lotus root with unagi hidden below and a sticky sauce and the rice course that was steamed glutinous rice that was deliciously chewy and soft and scented with sweet chestnuts and gingko nuts. A sprinkling of sesame seeds added more flavour and texture.

I heard the dinner courses, which are priced at either $180+ and $280+, are much better. Dunno if that is true and I hope I will be able to find out soon.

Goto Japanese Restaurant
14 Ann Siang Road
Tel: 6438-1553
Closed Sun and PH.

Saraceno Ristorante

This new, three-month-old Italian restaurant took over what used to be a French restaurant at Berjaya Hotel. The food served is supposed to be southern Italian cuisine. Still relatively undiscovered, I think Saraceno deserves better because the menu was relatively interesting and had more character in comparison to mainstream Italian restaurants. The food actually tasted pretty good too. The focus was not on fancy presentation or complex range of ingredients. Each dish was kept simple and unassuming. I loved the texture of the homemade pastas, but could be slightly too 'undercooked' for those who do not like their pasta al dente. Therefore, if you are one of those folks, be sure to request for more well-cooked pasta. Don't worry about the restaurant looking chi-chi and stifling. The decor is a total mismatch to the very friendly and down-to-earth personalities of the Chef and the floor staff.

Complimentary breads with olives and its oil. There were three differen…


Once in a while, the ladies who keep me sane at work would cast their boyfriends aside and indulge in a day of eating and shopping together. We went to Fiftythree for lunch, first time for all of us.

Fancy potato chips served on a platter of charcoal was our amuse bouche of sort.

Following shortly was a little gunny sack bag containing the exact number of mini bread rolls as there were folks on the table. There were heated ball bearings at the bottom of the sack, keeping the rolls warm. Now, I am all for the novel idea and presentation effects but the bun, oh do I think it sucked. It had a too hard crust, a too dense innard and too salty in general. No amounts of good butter could save it.

The appetizer was chilled cherry tomato and watermelon, with horseradish, and mozzarella foam. This dish, I'm guessing, was trying to get this interplay going between temperature, texture, and flavour. If so, I think the idea was a great one but the execution fell short. I found the …


Klee is this little bar located in the slightly off the beaten track location of Portsdown Road. A couple of colleagues swear by the fresh fruit cocktails there and recommended me to visit their favourite bar.

What makes Klee so special is its sushi-bar style setting. I loved the contrast between good and bad, the innocent pine wood counter top and the alcohol display right behind. The bar chairs are an eccentric mix of different chairs, adding to the charm.

Of all the drinks I had that night, my favourites were the pear martini and the kiwi martini. A close third was the cantaloupe martini. It was interesting to see my drink being made from scratch too. The rest of the drinks were okay, but not particularly memorable. But I remember the two cute bartenders though :)

Klee has a policy of not serving their cocktails outside on the veranda. Before you head there, be sure to make a reservation lest you get disappointed.

5B Portsdown Road


I love brunch. Having breakfast food in an al fresco setting, with natural lighting and warmth, glass of chilled white wine, good friends with endless chat and no busy schedule to follow, would be most brilliant and make me a very happy girl.

Recently, I went to Graze for brunch. The restaurant, set in a colonial bungalow house, made me feel like I was invited to someone's house - cosy and comfortable. Besides, the service was good and nothing to complain about. Definitely a place to return again and again.

Baked omelette with smoked salmon, roasted tomato, mushrooms and fried potato (S$17)

Waffles with nutella icecream and strawberries ($13)

If you are not a breakfast fan, there is regular food served as well, starting from 12pm. Where is your favourite place for brunch?

4 Rochester Park
Tel: 6775-9000

Yountville - The French Laundry

As you know, God is amazing. If you want something bad enough, he will give it to you. That was how I got to have a grand meal at The French Laundry anyway. Leading up to the dinner, I was just really excited, like a teenager going on her first date.

The food was excellent. Most of them I had read so much about, seen so many pictures on other blogs and reviews, that it actually felt so surreal when I saw them presented in front of me. The service was professional yet very warm and friendly. I loved the whole experience and it was nothing short of memorable.

warm cheese puffs
airy and gone in 3 seconds

salmon conets
cute mini cones crunchy and savoury. perfect complement to the smokey salmon.

oysters and caviar
If I had to choose (reluctantly), this would be my favourite dish. generous amounts of caviar only to be eaten with a mother of pearl spoon of course, paired with the freshest little oysters and a thick, rich, custard. it was orgasmic.

butter roll
Somewhat like a blend between b…

Napa - Ubuntu

When I found out I could not get a reservation at The French Laundry, I had to look for an alternative dining location around Napa and was utterly convinced to try Ubuntu, touted to be the best vegetarian restaurant ever. Honestly, I couldn't wait! But I was secretly afraid my friend would protest. God bless her, she was so accommodating throughout my trip and with my foodie obsession.

Anyway, there was absolutely no regrets whatsoever because I tasted THE BEST PEAS IN MY LIFE. These jade green seeds popped in my mouth and they tasted so clean you can taste the natural juices and sweetness.

"Hmm, I want to bring a whole bowl home!" I remembered that thought running through my ahead. That followed by "No more frozen peas for me. No more canned mushy peas for me. No more, no more, no more!"

The second course was "raw, roasted, pureed", or how Ubuntu glorified the boring white cauliflower. In the little Staub casserole laid cauliflower cooked t…