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Klee is this little bar located in the slightly off the beaten track location of Portsdown Road. A couple of colleagues swear by the fresh fruit cocktails there and recommended me to visit their favourite bar.

What makes Klee so special is its sushi-bar style setting. I loved the contrast between good and bad, the innocent pine wood counter top and the alcohol display right behind. The bar chairs are an eccentric mix of different chairs, adding to the charm.

Of all the drinks I had that night, my favourites were the pear martini and the kiwi martini. A close third was the cantaloupe martini. It was interesting to see my drink being made from scratch too. The rest of the drinks were okay, but not particularly memorable. But I remember the two cute bartenders though :)

Klee has a policy of not serving their cocktails outside on the veranda. Before you head there, be sure to make a reservation lest you get disappointed.

5B Portsdown Road
#01-04 Wessex Estate
Closed Sundays
Tel: 6479 6911


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