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Sneak Preview

I had an opportunity to organise a high-touch event for our clients during the first night of the F1 2010.  Yes, that was just last night.

When I got the assignment, I was scratching my head for possible venues.  I asked around and the usual names came up - Les Amis and Iggy's are amongst the top two thrown at me.  But I had to fulfill a few key criteria:  budget (of course), quality of food and service, and more difficult things that are intangible, like include "Singapore" elements.

So good as those two restaurants are in their own rights, they are somewhat lacking in the intangibles or too expensive.   Luckily, I managed to find out more about an upcoming new restaurant and negotiated for them to host my event even before the official launch.  I was taking quite a gamble, but at the same time, fairly confident my bosses would be impressed as this restaurant would likely become the next 'it' place; many ardent fans are already anticipating Chef's return impatiently.

So where else could be a better location than this? Well, I am glad to report the bosses loved it and the clients raved about it and got Chef to sign on the menus.  But all that just means I was happy and relieved my job was still in tact.

Here is a preview of what is to come.

customised plates that are simple, beautiful and elegant
"Presse" of Foie Gras coated with PX Jelly
Salt baked Marble Goby, Blue Crab emulsion, Potato Risotto
Snickers 2010 - classic flavours presented unconventionally
house bread - freshly baked.  rather moist with a dense crumb.  now, was there honey? 

These were just three courses out of the seven that I arranged. 
Have you figured out which restaurant I had eventually chose and gone?

Hint: He is one of the youngest top chefs in Singapore, rather tall and well-built; cute in a boy-next-door kind of way.

Venture a guess!


eve+line said…
Andre Chiang at the Majestic :)
Alec said…
JY said…
Arh who else! He's prolly the only chef doing Nouvelle French cuisine in SG! You can count on him to make your clients happy! (I can see a bigger bonus coming :D)
superfinefeline said…
Ooh la la! Andre! I can hardly wait!
M.Eats said…
Smart people!

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