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Recipe: French Macarons

One can probably learn a few things about me through my blog.  For one, I bake more than I cook.  And if you drill down my baking repetoire, you'd notice I bake mostly 'fail-proof' and comforting sweet things like cookies, cupcakes, muffins, tea loafs etc.

Once in a while, I might try something a little more challenging but nothing too challenging like French entrements and macarons.   Those, I leave them to more accomplished bakers and jealously live vicariously through them and their blogs.  I knew I would never attempt those, for the fear of failure.  Plus, I am really not a big fan of macarons anyway.  They are often much too sweet for my liking.

But recently, an ex-colleague of mine, not a regular baker mind you, attempted to bake macarons and on her third count, she had really decent results.  Yes, she MMS'd me the photo evidence so I could tell.  Truely, I was really happy at her success.  It built up her domestic confidence by tons.  At the same time, I  cannot help but feel slightly competitive, wondering whether I could do it too.  Is it really childish?  Sigh, I know!

In any case, I'm grateful that her success provoked me to step out of my comfort zone as I prepared myself for the macaron challenge over the past week.  I read and re-read instructions and tips.  The only thing I didn't do was to buy proper piping bags and tip.  I made do with a plastic bag (bad choice as I could not control the piping properly).

Unfortunately, the first batch of macarons that came out of my oven looked like crap.  They cracked up so badly I should have thrown them out and stopped right there.  But I didn't and a quick post on FB provided unsolicited but useful tips.  And I pressed on with the second batch.

Tata!  The second batch turned out pretty decent, I say!  Oh, I love Silpats!  Removing the macarons was a breeze.

I filled them up with a couple of fillings - peanut buttercream and dark chocolate ganache. Haha, and I don't even like macarons so these test batches are going to D, my guinea pig.

I used a Pierre Herme recipe that I got from here and it looks like I'm going to get to practice again because my good friend Jing has just requested for macarons as her farewell present (she's leaving for bible college, God bless her!).  Ooooh, I hope I get better!  Next time I'll try rose macarons so I can color the shells and make proper buttercream.


ivan said…
Salted Caramel ones please... Before the 25th if possible. :PPP
HK Epicurus said…
Can you please send some over to me ? :D That is a very good effort by any measure..

So want to eat it right now in the morning during HK time on a Saturday.
Savorique said…
So I wonder whether your egg whites were aged or not.
Also, the shell looks quite flat, which seems a little like Laduree's. I heard that the amount of folding is paramount to get the right, smooth, shiny "magma" batter.
M. eats said…
HK: Heehee. If you come visit SGP I'll make some for you!

Ivan: hmm I'll think about it. Bitch to make salted

Savorique: I aged it according to recipe. I'll like my shella to be a little less flat as well. I'll see how the next round of baking turns out.
Lady J said…
Wah.. this looks sooo... good!!!

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