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Weekend #31

This weekend saw a couple of "first"s.

(I) For the first time I attended an event organised by a cultural exchange group on FB. I am not quite sure how I ended up in the group but it was yonks ago. I never really paid attention to events on FB but I suppose it was by sheer fate I noticed the last one which was a foreign movie screening event. Volver is an award-winning Spanish movie, starring Penelope Cruz if you must know. Unlike Hollywood movies that are mostly silly, action packed or thrillers (which I could also appreciate when in the right mood), I love European movies because they are mostly about well, life. It talks about different generation of females, going through similar events and how they individually deal with them. Thought-provoking as I try to imagine myself in similar shoes and decisions I would make. *Shudders*

Anyway, I enjoyed the event mostly because the group was friendly and the movie was good. I pat myself on the back because I overcame my initial reservations about attending it alone. (Interestingly, I met a fellow Singaporean lady who practiced art therapy and in our conversation, I could feel my interest in oil painting stirring again.)

(II) I went for my first hot-flow yoga class. I can't believe in my two years of membership, I had never once thought of attending a class other than Bikram-style yoga. Anyway, I found myself bored out of my mind and decided at the last minute to attend the class, which was absolutely a K.I.L.L.E.R (mainly because I was unfamiliar with the moves and the pace was fast)! I'm sticking to my regular classes.

(III) I picked up a copy of TODAY Sunday (yes, the free newspaper), because I noticed it had a collaboration with NYT. Ok, at least it had a few pages of NYT articles that are international news and made the paper worth a read.

(IV) My sister actually stepped into the kitchen and attempted to make dessert (!). Yes, she-who-only-cooks-instant-noodles-and-toast-frozen-pizzas, made tiramisu, and the results were good for a first attempt. I *am* proud of her.

Other notables:
  • I officially declare I don't like sashimi cut too thick. Thick slices of fish accentuate the fishy notes and they become too much work to eat.
  • I became acutely aware and conscious of my "single" status when I spied two Indian men on the MRT holding hands affectionately. Bleh.

Til #32 folks! Have a good week ahead.


Anonymous said…
bethany dillon's "beautiful" is one of my favourite songs!

imp said…
i love your weekend roundups in this style!
Anonymous said…
I never knew people could still be that ignorant. While we both run on the fact that none of us know the context between what is going on between the two men, you have identified them to be Indian, and I thus would like to educate you on this:

If you are that conscious about your single status from looking at this, I suggest spending a little in air fare to get all the hand-holding action in India.
M. eats said…
hi Anonymous thanks for stopping by and providing your comment. In no way am I insinuating anything by my comment about two Indian men holding hands. I wonder why you are so sensitive. I published your comment anyway, since you did add value by googling a link about Indian men holding hands. Have a good life. Cheers

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