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Weekend #30

Last Friday was an unusually busy day at the Loop. I was pretty glad I had no plans so I could take a breather for myself and get ready for the party that would start on Saturday instead.

I woke up at 6:30am the next day (I suspect it was a case of nerves as I was expecting a part time helper for the first time that morning. I'm funny like that :/). Needless to say, I was feeling tired right about lunchtime and had to drag myself out to catch up with the girls. It had been too long!

As usual, it was three orders of mazechirashi without tako and ika, from the lunch menu at Aoki. Yummers.

Stumbled back home to take a nap, which was unusual of me, as I was really quite knackered by 3pm. Add to that, I was given a heads-up for a rather long night with J, a colleague that became a friend, who had been based in Germany for the past three years.

I loved how we got all dressed up; it somewhat made the occasion a little more special (:

We started at Bar Stories; pretty good cocktails again, then we popped by Ann Siang and decided to make a pitstop at The Screening Room. On that note, it was totally overcrowded and the cocktails weren't particularly good. Stick with beer.

It was almost 1am when we went over to Duxton Hill. Boo! Most of the decent bars were closed/closing. Sigh, on hindsight we should have started from there. So we were left "dry" (pun intended :)) at Duxton.

Lost for an alternative venue, we decided to visit the New Asia Bar for old times' sake. It wasn't too crowded and we scored free entries purely by luck. Cheap thrill.

By then, I was hungry again and luckily the bartender obliged our multiple requests for refills of their very addictive spiced tapioca chips. A couple of wines later, I was totally ready to fall asleep and there ended our girlie night of catch up and bar hopping.

Sunday was kept deliberately simple, preferring to spend some time with the family, alone and church.

On the "alone" note, the shiro taiyaki is available again at Isetan. If you like mochi and carbs, this is totally the bomb. Yet it looks deceivingly healthy and light. Ah, the wonders of Japanese food associations.

Hope your weekend was good too!


imp said…
Dear M, that's 3 more drinks than I normally would have, and 3 more venues than where I usually hop. You're officially the happening chic alchie.
M. eats said…
Dear imp, I'm sure you could tell this is more an exception than norm. After all, I cannot not oblige my dear friend who wants to catch up with the scenes. Heehee. I am totally looking forward to our champagne session ;P

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