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Weekend #32

Ah, almost the end of yet another weekend.  What did I remember of it?

First up: I attended my first formal cooking class at Cookyn with Mervyn school.  Recipes were simple party tapas and the fun was meeting new people. Someone at the class said to me that it takes practice to be able to meet new people and start and maintain a decent conversation. How true. I felt so rusty myself because at the end of the session, I actually felt drained >.<

Oooh, I also managed to catch up with a girlfriend right before that, over a simple lunch of sandwiches and awesome piccolo lattes at Jimmy Monkey Cafe (more on that in future).  But too bad, I could not make it to the Public Garden flea market as a result.  Hope the next one will be coming up soon.

Finally, on this Sunday, I am proud to have participated in a FB event known as the  "Cook and Share a Pot of Curry".  If you are a Singaporean, you probably would have heard about incident reported in TODAY papers, that inspired the event.   While I don't agree with the outcome of the incident, I do want to support harmony and understanding between natives and newly arrived immigrants. 

So early in the morning, I went to my neighbourhood wet market and bought a fresh and meaty red grouper head.  To add to the curry, I also went a bit crazy with the vegetables (japanese eggplant, okra, long beans, tomato).  And just because my family loves fried tau pok, I bought a pack to add into my curry.  This is going to sound shameless but I felt like a virtuous woman. 

To make the curry, I bought a pack of "A1" instant seafood curry paste which is very fragrant and spicy.  If I had been a little more hardworking, I could have added more depth by frying up more fresh shallots, lemongrass and laksa leaves but it was not really necessary because even without, it was pretty awesome.  What I really want to say is, don't underestimate shortcuts.

The event seemed to have caught on.  Look at all the curry photos on FB!  That made me think...who needs football to build camaraderie within our little nation?  We just need curry!


It takes a lot out of me to interact for long stretches of time with strangers too although I do it at work! Like me you're likely an "I" in MBTI terms :) You draw energy from within and need to be alone to recharge! Thanks for sharing about the A1 curry. I've not tried that and your review sounds positive and tempting!
Anonymous said…
Ooh I love how your fish curry looked! Yummy! If only I could get hold of fish head in Geneva, I probably try cooking this too. Hehe
M. eats said…
Corsage: yes, you are definitely spot on about the "I" bit. Re: A1, just be careful it's a bit spicy ;)

LadyJ: yes yes, go go...drink biru too :))

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