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Travels: Bellagio, Italy

I heard much about Lake Como being one of the most beautiful lakes in Italy.  Just an hour's train ride away, I was excited to make the visit on a good weathered day.  The train comes rather frequently, but the unseen killer was the bus service between Como San Giovanni, where the train stopped, to Bellagio.  It was an hourly service and the ride takes about 80 minutes up the terrains before reaching Bellagio proper.  So, we spent a while waiting.  Not so fun.

But the ride was fun that we saw a lot of commuters who greeted each other as they boarded the bus.  Very local, very cool.


Just before hitting Bellagio, we stopped for lunch at a hotel restaurant in Bellagio called Silvio.  It was recommended by the Chowhounders and I read about it being run by a guy who is a half restaurateur, half fisherman. I had to try the lake fish and I did

Honestly, the fish was rather tasteless, and overcooked.  To sum up in a Chinese term, it's " 老".  But the fried potato was lovely, buttery and powdery. With a fantastic clear view of the lake, accompanied by half a bottle of cold, white Italian Pinot Gringot, I felt happy and contented.

Hotel Silvio and Ristorante
Via P. Carcano, 10
22021 Bellagio Como, Italy
Tel: 031 950322


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