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Weekend #50

Ok, I got a little lazy with my weekend roundup posts, but while I remember to do so, here's a fresh one! 

1. Family brunch atJules Cafe & Bar.  My first time.  Restaurant was family-style and cosy, with decent food was decent reasonably priced to boot.  My veggie big brekkie with an additional side order of cured salmon filled me up well til dinner time.  Too bad I detected a little bit of an attitude from the floor manager who tries too hard to be cool / Aussie that borderlined rude. 

2. My first Christmas get-together! Hosted by the Teos, we had massive amounts of food, wines and desserts.  That was also the dinner my warm chocolate tart showed up.  As much as I tried to practice restrain, I definitely couldn't hold back and went for a bit everything.  SW made a couple of delicious vegetable dishes.  A cold cucumber salad tossed with a vinegar dressing and copious amounts of spring onions and coriander was love.  Wait, it was a tough toss up against a platter of roas…

Recipe: Warm Banana and Fig Chocolate Tart (ala Pierre Herme)

At the last minute, we were invited to a dinner party by a dear friend and even though we were assured we need not bring anything, I, being "Chinese", decided more food was better than less.  And knowing this friend is a big foodie, I cannot just bring anything so I went the "home-made" route and viola, an adapted version of Pierre Herme's Warm Chocolate and Banana tart. 

The notable changes are:
1. I used dried figs instead of raisins simply because I had those instead.
2. I used a different pastry crust recipe (to be precise, this one).
3. I didn't bother keeping a very precise temperature, so the silky, custard texture was compromised.
4. I used regular rum, not dark rum.

Other than those, pretty much everything was as per Pierre Herme's instructions

Surprisingly easy to put together, the work really lies in preparing each of the components.  You will need:

For the Figs and Caramelised Bananas
1/2 cup chopped figs
3 Tbl (45ml) rum
3 Tbl (45ml) water

Travels: ソフトクリーム Soft Cream in Japan

Yam soft serve, originally uploaded by Skinny Epicurean. I love going to Tokyo and I don't think I can ever be tired of it. I love the quirky monogenous culture and more than anything the food. Having been to Tokyo for so many times, I realise I have subconsciously developed a list of "must-eats".

One of which is the Japanese soft serve ice cream. Except it's known as ソフトクリーム or 'soft cream' in Japan.

I am not kidding but the soft serve ice cream in Japan tastes just so different. It must be the milk. There is a richer taste and honestly, I love eating soft serve in Japan as much as eating gelato in Italy.

As with all things Japanese, one must eat soft serve according to the season as well. Autumn time would be good for sweet potato (satsu-imo), chestnut (kuri) and yam. Come spring, sakura and lavender. Vanilla, black sesame (goma) and green tea are pretty everygreen flavours. I don't find the soft serve stands everywhere but near touristy spots…

Girly catch up at Antoinette

Located just a 5-minute walk away from Lavendar MRT, Antoinette seemed a little displaced in an almost desserted, industrial area. What a different sight it was once I stepped through the front doors of Antoinette.  The dining room was full and bustling with (largely female) life.  It could be the baby blue and white colors and girly French adornment that would put off men in general.   But that's just my two cents. 

Now, I love all-day breakfast so it was an easy choice for me to make my food selection.  After all, catching up with my girlfriends, one of whom I have not seen in more than a year, was my priority. The girlfriends, on the other hand, had a tougher time making their choices because the variety of options was pretty much a little of everything to cater to most. 

My breakfast platter was competent and filled my tummy with just enough room to split the signature Antoinette cake and the french toast for dessert.  Using thick toast for the latter is a brilliant idea bec…

Travels: Osteria iO Personale (Florence, Italy)

Admittedly, it was with a pretty high expectations that I went to this restaurant. I had read the chef is a young talented 20-something year old who already had amassed experiences at top restaurants in Spain and his modern take on Italian cuisine and ingredients.
The restaurant was situated across the other side of Florence, a comfortable 15-20 minute walk from the Santa Maria train station. It is pretty small, but comfortable.  We were served complimentary white wine very soon after we sat down.  The aperative was leaning toward sweet and very easy to like.  On the side we were served little savory muffins, cute little things they were, that tasted of cheese and herb.  What a great snack to begin our meal for the night.
The menu was a slightly unconventional (to traditional Italian cuisine) and forward thinking approach where it does not follow the order of courses (i.e. primo, secondo, etc).  It was sorted by the Category (i.e. Meat, Vegetables, Fish, etc), but no issues with me.  In…