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Weekend #50

Ok, I got a little lazy with my weekend roundup posts, but while I remember to do so, here's a fresh one! 

1. Family brunch at Jules Cafe & Bar.  My first time.  Restaurant was family-style and cosy, with decent food was decent reasonably priced to boot.  My veggie big brekkie with an additional side order of cured salmon filled me up well til dinner time.  Too bad I detected a little bit of an attitude from the floor manager who tries too hard to be cool / Aussie that borderlined rude. 

2. My first Christmas get-together! Hosted by the Teos, we had massive amounts of food, wines and desserts.  That was also the dinner my warm chocolate tart showed up.  As much as I tried to practice restrain, I definitely couldn't hold back and went for a bit everything.  SW made a couple of delicious vegetable dishes.  A cold cucumber salad tossed with a vinegar dressing and copious amounts of spring onions and coriander was love.  Wait, it was a tough toss up against a platter of roasted vegetables that was elevated with generous drizzles of truffle oil.  I had many helpings of both. There was a slice of Four Seasons Durian cake with a pretty pungent aroma and substantial amounts of durian puree somewhere.  Huge plump juicy cherries added some healthy touches.  Onion marmalade meant for the Christmas baked ham made a most perfect companion for the Cheddar and Stilton cheeses.  Salted caramel ice cream from Salted Caramel Artisanal Ice cream possessed a smooth, thick texture but alas, was overly salty, masking the burnt sugar flavor of caramel.  Oh, definitely a slice of W's fruitcake. Lucky me, even when I missed her bake sale I still managed to savor a piece.

3. Quoting the Paper Tigeress, I also possess a swing magnet butt.  Whenever I see a swing, I have to get on it.  I love the wind in my face and the time I am actually on the swing are rare moments I am totally focused - on keeping the momentum and staying *on* the swing and be safe.   

4. Indian dinner inspired by watching "Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol".  It is an awesome movie with clever bits of humor injected by the way; I loved it.  His (egg thosai) and hers (paper thosai) from Cafeela Seafood Restaurant at Jalan Kayu were decent.  The dal was thick and spicy, in a good way that I like my dal.

I can't wait for the next weekend when I will be in Hong Kong!


MengLi said…
Din't know there's such a nice restaurant around my neighbourhood, shall check it out one of these days. =p

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