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Review : Maison Kayser

Long at last I managed to make a visit to Maison Kayser located at the basement of the spanking new Scotts Square.

A few of us managed to try a couple of breads and pastries. Glad to report the former fared much better than the latter.

In particular, the walnut and raisin loaf was studded with plenty of those, had a crisp crust and a nutty, soft 'mie'. I loved it and finished the entire thing in a day. Wish it could be less expensive; it costs $ 3.40 per loaf.

Between the chocolate eclair and the lemon tart, we loved the chocolate mousse filling but not the thick choux pastry; loved the tangy and thick curd from the tart but not the flat/soft tart shell crust.

I will be back to give the croissants a try. They looked really good!

(eta 31 Jan 12)

A couple more visits later, I also tried the turmeric bread with hazelnuts, pain campagne, yuzu bread, Gorgonzola with walnut and the honey orange ekme.

I didn't quite like the orange ekme for it had a dense doughy texture, and the orange peel bits was salty and tasted like Chinese "kiam kiam" mandarin orange peel.

Yuzu and Gorgonzola cheese breadd had similar density and texture of the pain campagne. Nice crumbs and neither too dense nor fluffy.

Turmeric bread was interesting. It was studded with hazelnuts, had a nice soft and fluffy mie and possessed a slight savory slant. Very good to eat on its own.
Orange Ekme
Yuzu bread
Walnut Bread
lemon tart
chocolate eclair


adel said…
i think you featured exactly the items i tried from Maison Kayser, quite like their choc eclair, saw pistachio the other day which i didn't try (can't wait), i like the (comparatively) reasonable pricing here and quality compared to others on the same par.
Constance said…
Yuzu bread and the Walnut and Raisins are my fave!!! Everytime I tar pao them home, I will leave the place with a big grin but a lighter pocket. Ha ha. Try the pistacho and apricot tart. Nice....

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