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Random: what is your handy energy booster?

I always have some Ricola lozenges with me handy for that moment of energy boost, thirst, or an irritating throat. My favorite flavors include: mountain breeze and alpine fresh, both with more intense cooling. Elderberry is the non menthol flavor I like most and Original is always welcomed.

I was excited to see a new flavor being launched in the market recently. Have you tried Ricola's latest flavor - apple mint?

The apple was pretty good but I associated mint with cooling and was slightly disappointed when the mint was all but a hint.

The formulation also tasted different from the existing ones in that the candy dissolves at a faster rate.

I am not liking it as much as I would repeat purchase. But see, there was a promotion - buy 2 get another 1 free. So I ended up with 3 boxes of apple mint :S. Perhaps it would have been better to band the new flavor with some existing ones.

What sort of "energy booster" do you carry around?


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