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Travels: Luke's Lobster, NYC

Before my trip, I had made up my mind to try one more of NYC's famed dishes - the lobster roll. Research online reaped a few possible options but I eventually chose Luke's for their mayo-free version and it also does not hurt that they are friendlier on the pockets too.

The cosy shack-like restaurant was doing brisk business at 6pm on a Sunday evening. But orders were taken and served fairly quickly.

US$15 (excl tax) got me a soft roll toasted and warm, slathered with just a bit of mayo and butter, and a dash of seasoning on top of sweet juicy chunks of fresh lobster meat. I enjoyed the natural flavors of the lobster and glad it was not too heavy, leaving room for other to-eats on my list.

Various locations, including
242 E 81st St
(between 3rd Ave & 2nd Ave) Yorkville
New York, NY 10028


izzy said…
I'm off to NYC in August, I must visit this place.

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