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Recipe: Pandan Butter Cake with Gula Melaka

I was super excited to get my hands dirty making my own version of Liberty Coffee's pandan gula melaka cake. Googling around for a recipe to start with, I made the first version today. Tadah!


Taste-wise, it was spot on. The pure flavor of the generous amount of pandan paste I used came through. The sweetness of the cake was toned down but paired beautifully with a sweet coconut topping.   But texture wise, I could do with lots of improvement.

Here's a few learning I noted to remember for the next time.

1. beat egg whites separately with 1/8tsp of tartar for every egg.
2. fold in the flour as instructed, NOT beat in with whisk.  Also, fold the flour alternating with the liquid (in this case, it would be coconut milk and pandan paste) and add that liquid alternating with the flour mixture, in 3 additions, using the largest amount of flour first, then slowly decreasing.

I might have overmixed the batter, resulting in a dense cake with some sort of separation. i.e. There was parts that were lighter green and posssessed the right texture of a butter cake. And there were parts there were compressed, and dark green, as shown here.

2. I used dessicated coconut for the topping.  I wonder if that is why the mixture turned out to be slightly dry.  I will try again in future, using fresh grated coconut, just to see if the topping is 'juicier'.  It is otherwise, still acceptable, but I'll prefer the topping to be a bit more juicy and not so sticky.

Until the next version.


Liberty Coffee said…
It's Liberty Coffee, not Liberty Cafe!

Great attempt!
Anonymous said…
Hi there! The cake looks really good! Do you have the recipe? I would like to try baking it too. Thank you in advance:))
Anonymous said…
Googled and tried sev recipes but not nice. Your pandan kaya cake looks awesome! Hope you can share the full recipe. My email is


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